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Amplify your social media management effortlessly.
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PostBoost is an AI-powered social media management system that accelerates and enhances your performance across various social channels. It provides a unified platform for creating, scheduling, publishing and managing social media content across multiple accounts.

The main features include secure social media management tools, easy-to-use analytics, a calendar for planning and scheduling, media library for storing and reusing media assets, and custom workspaces for managing different brands.

Each social media platform is recognized separately, therefore your posts can be appropriately formatted. With a feature called AI Assist, users can streamline the process of content creation, scheduling, and distribution.

In addition, the platform offers reusable post templates to boost efficiency and a queue function that enables the creation and distribution of content at optimal times for the target audience, making it appear more natural and less automated.

Additionally, several subscription plans are available, catered for different needs ranging from freelancers to large corporations and marketing agencies.

The platform values user security, encrypting sensitive data such as passwords and third-party service credentials, further supported by two-factor authentication.


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PostBoost was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Unified social media platform
Recognizes each platform separately
Customizable workspaces
Flexible subscription plans
Two-factor authentication
Multi-platform content distribution
Reusable post templates
Optimal time queue function
Handles multiples accounts
Secure data encryption
Scheduling calendar
Easy-to-use analytics
Media library storage
Variety of manage brands
Naturally timed posting options
Available on various platforms
Supports stock images, GIFs
Supports freelancers to agencies
PostBoost offers affordable pricing plans
User-friendly interface
Versatile content scheduling
Risk-free trial period
Cancellation anytime
Bcrypt hashing for security
Target audience focused content
Enhanced performance on social channels
Supports multiple media formats
Marketing automation features
Separate workspaces for brand management
Tool customization
Media assets reusable
Platform-specific post formatting
Efficient post creation
Track analytics conveniently
Custom areas for organizing
Maximizing efficiency with templates
Storage size based on plan
Secured user authentication
Test before you buy option
Robust Social Media Management Tools
Supports various social media platforms
Social network progress facilitation
All-in-one content management
Ability to manage various brands
Post formatting for platform uniqueness
Varied pricing plans for different needs


Limited storage size
Paid subscriptions only
Separate platform compatibility
No free version
Limited number of users
Limited social media accounts
No single post multi-formatting
Limited workspaces
Security reliant on 2FA


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How does PostBoost ensure user security?
Does PostBoost support custom workspaces for different brands?
What is the function of the media library in PostBoost?
Are the social media posts made via PostBoost formatted for each platform?
Can I reuse post templates in PostBoost?
How does PostBoost's Analytics feature work?
Does the PostBoost platform offer a calendar for scheduling social media posts?
Can I manage multiple accounts with PostBoost?
How does PostBoost enhance content creation process?
What type of content can I schedule and publish with PostBoost?
Is PostBoost ideal for large corporations and marketing agencies?
Does PostBoost offer a free trial?
What is included in the PostBoost 'Enterprise' package?
Can I cancel my PostBoost subscription any time?
How does PostBoost amplify social media management?

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