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Friz is an AI-based tool designed to function as a co-pilot for managing social media. Aimed at consolidating the process of social media management, it offers a comprehensive solution for scheduling, brainstorming, and tracking performance.

With Friz, users can establish a brand, ideate and edit content, schedule posts, and obtain analytical insights. The AI Brainstorming feature generates contextually relevant ideas for platforms like Instagram and Facebook, facilitating content creation.

The Post Generation capability of the tool, on the other hand, helps in automating the formulation of post concept, caption, and visual according to the brand directives and strategies.

The Scheduling feature offers efficient timeline planning for posts, enabling more time for direct user engagement. Frizs Analytics feature compiles post analytics in a unified space, assisting in informed decision-making concerning brand performance on social media platforms.

Additionally, Friz supports multi-brand integration and offers customizable plans to accommodate businesses of various scopes and sizes.


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Friz was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive social media solution
Post brainstorming
Automated post generation
Efficient post scheduling
In-depth analytics
Supports multiple brands
Customizable plans
Enables brand establishment
Content ideation and editing
Saves time on user engagement
Instagram and Facebook integration
Unified analytics space
Enhanced decision making
Promotes user engagement
One minute social calendar creation
Display of customized sample posts
Promotes organic leads and impressions growth
Analytics for performance insights
Ad A/B Testing
Supports multiple platforms
Offers Slack Support
Dedicated social media consultant
Analytics customization
Specific for Instagram, Facebook
Wide industry applicability
Post and Copy editor
Multi-brand integration included


Limited supported platforms
Additional cost for multiple brands
Additional cost for extra seats
Dependent on brand guidelines for automation
Potentially restrictive post scheduling
Possible inaccuracy in analytics
No free version available
Analytics customisation not immediately available


What is Friz?
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What is the scope of Friz's scheduling feature?
What kind of analytics does Friz offer for social media posts?
How can Friz support multi-brand integration?
How can Friz aid in decision making for my brand?
Can Friz support different sizes of businesses?
How can Friz automate my social media management?
Does Friz cater to specific social media platforms?
What are the elements that Friz can automate in a social media post?
How can Friz help grow my brand on social media?
How user-friendly is Friz for non-tech users?
How can Friz help improve user engagement on my social media profiles?
What customizable plans does Friz offer?
How effective is Friz's post analytics feature in assessing brand performance?
Can Friz accommodate multiple social media accounts?
How does Friz assist in content creation for Instagram and Facebook specifically?
How is Friz different from other social media management tools?
Does Friz offer personalized social media strategy suggestions?

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