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Community Manager Copilot Works is a GPT designed to assist users in managing social network interactions. It operates on top of ChatGPT and is geared towards individuals who need help with keeping track of and responding to social network activities.

The functionality of this GPT includes monitoring, responding, and managing conversations and interactions on social networking platforms. It adds an additional layer of convenience, allowing users to easily navigate and control their social network presence, with the aim of enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Community Manager Copilot Works provides appropriate and suggested responses or reactions based on the incoming social network interaction. It is potentially useful for individuals who manage multiple social media accounts, such as social media managers and influencers, or for any user who wishes to streamline and simplify their social media interactions.

Users can access it by signing up on the ChatGPT platform. Please note it requires ChatGPT Plus for full operation and should be used considering the comprehensive Terms of Service of the platform.

Its operation depends on specific prompt starters, which users need to get acquainted with for an optimal user experience. Note: It is not a standalone tool but operates as an extension to ChatGPT.


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Community Manager Copilot Works was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2023.
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