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AI-powered Automation for Social Media.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered automation tool dedicated to facilitating social media engagement and growth. It provides an easy and efficient method to create, schedule, and monitor the performance of social media posts across different platforms, thereby ensuring consistent levels of engagement.The platform provides functions to craft captivating captions and professional-grade images with the help of AI.

Users have the ability to preschedule posts, ensuring the timing of the posts aligns with their strategic objectives and audience engagement patterns.Functionally, the AI aids in generating compelling captions and creating custom images based on users descriptions.

This feature benefits users by eliminating the need for professional copywriting or graphic design skills.Adpollo offers detailed post insights, enabling users to analyze their content's performance, understand their audience better, and refine their approach for increased engagement and growth.

Currently, the service supports posting to Instagram and Facebook with plans to include more social media platforms in the future.An added feature is the opportunity for users to provide feedback on the platform, contributing to continuous product development and improvement.Adpollo.ios service is scalable with different plans accommodating both individual users and professional users who need advanced functionalities, including unlimited social media accounts, AI image and caption generation, and extended scheduling options.

All plans come with a free trial period, offering users the opportunity to experience the service before making a commitment. Overall, serves as a comprehensive tool for businesses and individuals to automate and strategically plan their social media content to effectively grow their online presence.


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Adpollo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates captivating captions
Creates professional-grade images
Offers post prescheduling
Supports Instagram and Facebook
Detailed post performance insights
Continuous product development
Scalable service
Free trial period
Eliminates need for professional skills
Allows user feedback
Audience engagement patterns alignment
Plans for additional social platforms
Automates social media content
Extended scheduling options
Supports unlimited social media accounts
Automates graphic design
Facilitates strategic content planning
Offers service for individuals
Offers service for professionals
Facilitates understanding of audience
Refines approach for engagement
Ensures consistent engagement
Automates content creation


Limited to Instagram and Facebook
No multi-language support
No team collaboration feature
Limited image customization
Lacks post draft feature
No post-approval process
No link tracking feature
Restricted API access
Limited insight metrics
No customer support chat


What is
How does help in social media engagement and growth?
Can I schedule posts for future dates using
How does aid in creating captions?
Does also create custom images?
What platforms are supported by
Can I analyze my post's performance using
Does offer options for user feedback?
Is service scalable for both individuals and professionals?
Are there different plans for individual and professional users on
Do all plans come with a free trial?
Does Adpollo's AI replace the need for professional copywriting and graphic design skills?
Can automatically generate compelling captions and images?
Can I manage multiple social media accounts with
Does have scheduling options for post releases?
What type of in-depth post insights does offer?
Can I use to understand my audience better?
Can contribute to my company's online growth?
Does have plans to offer services for more social media platforms in the future?
What is the price range for's services?

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