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Repurpose YouTube videos for Twitter and LinkedIn effortlessly.
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AutoRepurpose AI is an innovative tool designed to help users easily repurpose YouTube videos into alternative digital content, specifically Twitter Threads and LinkedIn posts.

Its primary purpose is to convert video content into text suitable for different social media platforms, thus extending the reach of your original content without the need for creating new ones from scratch.

The process of using this tool is straightforward. Users choose a YouTube video to be repurposed and copy the URL. They then submit this URL to AutoRepurpose AI and after a short period, the Twitter thread and LinkedIn post versions of the content are generated.

The intended outcome is to optimize social media growth and increase engagement across various platforms based on just one piece of content. Moreover, AutoRepurpose AI offers a priority support system and flexibility in terms of cancellation or refund policies.

This tool is beneficial for constant content creators, digital marketers and businesses on social media platforms as it saves time and effort, and potentially enhances viewer and follower engagement.


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AutoRepurpose AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 14th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Converts YouTube videos to text
Creates Twitter Threads from videos
Generates LinkedIn posts from videos
Optimizes social media growth
Increases engagement
Saves content creators' time
Priority support system
Flexible cancellation and refund policies
Useful for digital marketers
Recycles and extends original content
Straightforward usage process
Repurpose 50 YouTube videos/month
Secured payment through Stripe
Offers free trial
Beneficial for small businesses
Example guides available
Community support on Discord
Compatible with various social media
Enhances viewer and follower engagement
Boosts cross-platform content strategy
Easy video to text conversion
No need to create new content
Social media management convenience
Single video generates multiple contents
Publicity through Product Hunt
Short content generation time
Fast social media growth
Responsive to customer queries
Helps in content recycling
Provides 100% refund
Guaranteed year-long access


Limited to YouTube videos
Only repurposes into text
Just for Twitter and LinkedIn
No diversity in content output
Lacks multiple language support
No live video support
Missing advanced editing features
Limited monthly video allowance
Doesn't support content scheduling
No analytics or reporting


How does AutoRepurpose AI convert YouTube videos into Twitter Threads?
What kind of content does AutoRepurpose AI produce for LinkedIn posts?
How long does AutoRepurpose AI take to return a repurposed Twitter Thread or LinkedIn post?
How can I submit a YouTube video URL to AutoRepurpose AI?
What is the purpose of using AutoRepurpose AI?
Can I cancel my AutoRepurpose AI subscription at any point?
How much does it cost to use AutoRepurpose AI?
Is there a limit to the number of videos I can repurpose with AutoRepurpose AI in a month?
Does AutoRepurpose AI provide support if I encounter issues?
How can AutoRepurpose AI benefit digital marketers and businesses?
Can AutoRepurpose AI help in optimizing my social media growth?
Is there a free trial available for AutoRepurpose AI?
Does using AutoRepurpose AI require any technical skills?
How can AutoRepurpose AI enhance viewer and follower engagement?
What phrases or words does AutoRepurpose AI focus on when creating a Twitter Thread or LinkedIn post?
What is the refund policy for AutoRepurpose AI?
Who is the ideal user for AutoRepurpose AI?
Does AutoRepurpose AI have a newsletter support?
What type of content can be created with the help of AutoRepurpose AI besides Twitter Threads and LinkedIn posts?
Why does AutoRepurpose AI only repurpose YouTube videos, not videos from other platforms?

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