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Crafting SEO-optimized blog posts and articles with AI.
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Ghost Craft is a highly focused AI tool designed for creating SEO-optimized blog posts and articles. It's constructed to produce tailored content for each unique brand.

The tool has been trained to adhere to leading industry standards, therefore ensuring the generation of high-quality and engaging content. Its primary function is to adapt to individual user needs and thus deliver a unique experience to each user.

Ghost Craft primarily focuses on automating the copywriting process of blog posts. This process is conducted in four steps: entering the brand URL, receiving curated content, customizing this content with AI, and sharing this content.

The bespoke AI imbued in the system ensures the content is unique and aligns well with the brand voice, enhancing both originality and user engagement.

Alongside this the AI system intuitively identifies the audience, key themes, and tone of the user's brand. This guarantees seamless alignment with the brand's identity.

Hence, it is an effective tool for elevating content creation, personalizing content strategy, and enabling effortless sharing of content across various platforms.


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Pros and Cons


SEO-optimized content
Brand-specific tailored content
Adheres to industry standards
Adaptable to individual needs
Copywriting automation
Brand URL input
Provides curated content
Customize & share content
Identifies audience and themes
Maintains brand's voice
Enhances originality and engagement
Personalized content strategy
Easy content sharing on platforms
Creates a unique user experience
Automatic content tailoring
Daily content suggestions
Smart content curation
Effortless sharing across platforms
User-friendly interface
Craft, customize, connect
Generates high-quality content
Available on App Store and Play Store
Ensures brand relevance
Supports non-technical users
Provides daily feed of relevant content
Credits system for content generation
Premium subscription plans for extra credits
10 free credits for new users
Dedicated support team
Upcoming team collaboration features
Inbuilt content sharing functionalities
Useful for digital marketing strategies
Efficient content creation and optimization


Limited to blog content
Requires brand URL
Not collaboration-friendly
No technical support
Credit-based usage
Focuses on text content
Low customization options
No integration with CMS
Limited SEO control
Content sharing is manual


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