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Windows Photos has received an update which introduces two significant enhancements. The first is the 'Generative erase' feature. This feature employs artificial intelligence to enable users to selectively erase elements from an image, with the AI technology extrapolating and filling in the erased area based upon the existing image's content.

In addition to Generative erase, Windows Photos is also now compatible with Arm64 devices and Windows 10. This enhancement ensures that the latest AI editing tools, including Generative erase, along with other features such as 'Blur background', 'Remove and replace background', can be utilized on these platforms.

This informs a potential expansion in the application's accessibility across various devices. The AI tools serve to extends the capabilities of the platform in providing a more comprehensive and intuitive photo editing experience.


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Pros and Cons


Generative erase feature
Compatible with Arm64 devices
Windows 10 compatibility
Comprehensive photo editing experience
Advanced editing features
Blur background capability
Remove and replace background
Intuitive user interface
Erase selective elements
Broad device accessibility
Auto Apply for precision
Multiple object removal
Improved Spot fix tool
Various stability fixes
Continual updates and enhancements
Available for Windows 11
Windows 10 updated features


Limited to Windows platform
Not available for MacOS/Linux
Requires Windows 10 or higher
Compatibility issues with older devices
No mentioned API support
Dependent on Arm64 devices
No mobile version mentioned
Depends on constant updates
Debugging could be complex
Potentially high RAM usage


What is Generative erase in Windows Photos?
How does the Generative erase feature work?
How can I use the Generative erase feature in Windows Photos?
What is the difference between the older Spot fix tool and the new Generative erase feature?
What are the new AI editing tools in the latest update of Windows Photos?
Can Windows 10 users use the Generative erase and other AI editing tools?
Is Windows Photos now compatible with Arm64 devices?
What does the compatibility of Windows Photos with Arm64 devices mean for users?
What other features does Windows Photos offer besides Generative erase?
Can I use the 'Remove and replace background' feature on my Arm64 device?
What is the 'Blur background' feature in Windows Photos?
What version of Windows Photos should I have to use these new features?
How has the AI technology improved image editing in Windows Photos?
Are there any limitations on what type of elements I can erase with Generative erase?
How does the AI in Windows Photos determine how to fill in the erased area?
Will the Generative erase feature work on complex backgrounds?
Is there a way to control the precision level of the Generative erase tool?
What is the 'Auto Apply' function in the Generative erase feature?
Why would I want to disable Auto Apply when using Generative erase?
How can Generative erase help in creating more professional-looking photos?

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