Object removing 23 Jun 2022
Edits images, removing and creating objects.

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ZMO.AI’s Remover.app is a free creative editing tool that uses advanced AI algorithms to remove unwanted objects, people, or defects from images. With a few simple clicks, users can quickly and easily erase anything from a photo that does not fit their desired aesthetic.

Remover.app can be used to remove people, remove text, or remove watermarks. Additionally, Remover.app can be used to create images using text, enabling users to create unique images with a wide variety of styles, from anime to photo-realistic illustrations.

The tool is capable of editing images of any size and is free to use, although there is also a Pro version available with additional features, such as downloading high-resolution images.

Remover.app is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for developers, designers, and photographers who want to quickly and easily perfect their images.

Remover.app was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 24th 2022.
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· Sep 25, 2023
Worked well for cleaning up wholesale images.
Crawler guy
· Jul 18, 2023
It’s not what you think it is.

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Pros and Cons


Free to use
Removes unwanted objects
Removes people from images
Can remove watermarks
Creates images using text
Handles images of any size
Pro version available
Quick and easy editing
Powerful tool for professionals
Easily downloadable
User can edit unlimited images
Preparing high-resolution output
Not storing images for free version
Offers detailed editing
Removes text from images
Creates anime to photo-realistic images
User-friendly interface
Performance improvement with repetitive use
Functions well in delicate touch
Creates digital art


Free version limit on resolution
No explicit privacy policy
Pro version under development
No apparent bulk editing
Limited detailed user guidance
Potential over-reliance on repeated usage
Unpredictable removals on complex backgrounds
No information on image storage for non-Pro users
Limited download options


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What is the Pro version of Remover.app?
Can I use Remover.app to edit images of any size?
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Can Remover.app remove watermarks from images?
Can I use Remover.app to remove people from photos?
Are there limitation on image upload size in Remover.app?
How does 'erasing repeatedly for better performance' work in Remover.app?
How does Remover.app recreate the area behind the removed object?
Is Remover.app suitable for professional developers, designers, and photographers?
How can I use the features of the Pro version of Remover.app?
How can Remover.app help in e-commerce photo cleanups?

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