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Add a walrus to your photos instantly.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Upload a photo, and I'll add a walrus to it!
Sample prompts:
Upload your photo for a walrus addition!
Show me a photo, and I'll add a walrus!
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Add a Walrus is a GPT that extends the functionalities of the ChatGPT by It has been programmed to generate images of a walrus added into user-uploaded photos.

The tool essentially allows the users to manipulate their photos by introducing a walrus into the image seamlessly, thereby providing a playful and creative outlet for users willing to experiment with images and artificial intelligence.

The GPT enables users to sign up and upload their photo of choice, and subsequently, the tool integrates an image of a walrus into this initial photo.

Leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT, users engage with the GPT through a conversational interface with prompt starters such as 'Upload your photo for a walrus addition!' or 'Show me a photo, and I'll add a walrus!' This GPT represents a novel use of AI to liven up user experience with a fun and creative application that crosses into the realm of imaging and digitized art.


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