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ByBrandon Lee
Elevate your craft with expert photo editing.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to PresetGenius! What's your photo style today?
Sample prompts:
Can you create a preset with a vintage look?
Make a preset similar to Fuji's Velvia 50 film.
How can I achieve a cinematic style?
Can you help me improve a photo I upload?
Reverse engineer a filter from Before/After photos?
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PixelGenius is a GPT that operates as a photo editing expert, providing sophisticated tools to get the most out of your images. It equips users with a variety of functionalities, serving as a personal designer that learns and adjusts to your aesthetic preferences.

It assists by creating custom filters, suggesting improvements to maximize the visual impact of your photos and, ultimately, helps you elevate your artistry in photography.

PixelGenius incorporates a personalized approach to photo editing, aiming to match the exact artistic vision you have in mind for your work. Ready to explore a vintage look, mimic the legendary Velvia 50 film, or find out how to obtain a cinematic style? Curious about how to enhance an image you've just uploaded or want to decode the secret behind a transformative filter? PixelGenius is equipped to guide you through such processes, adapting to distinct demands with a variety of prompt starters.

It challenges the boundaries of photo editing, providing not just the tools, but the intelligence to use them effectively. It also integrates smoothly with ChatGPT, delivering these capabilities in a conversational interface, which gives users a uniquely interactive and intuitive photo editing experience.


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