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Editing, removal, art generation, writing assistance
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Pixelart is a professional photo editing tool that specializes in removing backgrounds and objects from photos with a single touch. It offers powerful AI creation features to enhance the editing process.

With the Remove Background function, users can easily erase and replace backgrounds in their photos, making it suitable for various applications such as e-commerce product photos on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Depop.The Magic Eraser feature allows users to effortlessly remove unwanted objects from their photos and even draw the missing parts to create a seamless image.

This tool is particularly handy for retouching multiple photos at once, as it offers a Batch Editor that can handle dozens of images in seconds.In addition to background removal tools, Pixelart also provides creative templates to help users bring their ideas to life quickly.

These templates cater to a variety of purposes, including store displays, e-commerce listings, social media posts, and stories.Furthermore, Pixelart offers an AI Art Generator that can transform written words into stunning digital artwork.

Users can instantly convert their ideas into visual representations effortlessly. Additionally, the tool includes an AI Writing Assistant, aiding users in crafting engaging and impactful captions, social media posts, promotion headlines, and more.Pixelart also offers additional tools like Text Art, Upscale, Resize, and other features designed to enhance and polish photos.

By providing a range of versatile and user-friendly tools, Pixelart aims to empower users to create and enhance their visual content easily and efficiently.


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Pros and Cons


Single touch background removal
Batch Editor for multiple photos
Creative templates included
Text Art, Upscale
Resize features
User-friendly tools
Able to erase and replace
Draw missing parts of photo
Optimized for e-commerce photos
Transform written words to artwork
Assistance in writing captions
Fast photo editing
Versatile toolset
Efficient content creation
Emphasis on visual content enhancement


No Android support
No specific tool for red-eye removal
No free version available
Limited creative templates
Not open-source
Lacks advanced editing tools
No collaborative features
Exclusive to Apple Store
No multi-lingual support


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