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Improved resolution for images: pros & enthusiasts.
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Magnific AI is an AI upscaler and enhancer tool that utilizes advanced AI technology to achieve high-resolution upscaling of images. Users can guide the upscale process by providing a natural language prompt and adjusting various controls, such as the "Creativity" slider, to determine the level of hallucinations and new details generated by the AI.

The tool caters to a wide variety of users, including professionals and enthusiasts in photography, graphic design, digital art, and illustration, who require high-resolution images and meticulous detail enhancements.

It is also suitable for AI artists and creators who want to upscale their generated images for increased resolution and depth. Additionally, businesses looking to enhance marketing materials and individuals aiming to improve personal photos or create high-quality visual content can benefit from Magnific AI's AI-powered tools.Magnific AI offers an intuitive interface, comprehensive tutorials, and a supportive community to ensure accessibility and user-friendliness for creators of all skill levels.

The tool emphasizes controlling artifacts that may appear during the upscaling process through sliders like "Creativity," "HDR," and "Resemblance." The payment service is secure, with financial processing handled by Stripe.For pricing, Magnific AI currently offers Pro, Premium, and Business plans at different monthly rates, with an annual subscription providing two months free.

However, specific pricing details are not provided. Cancellation of subscriptions can be done at any time through the Stripe billing portal.


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Magnific was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 23rd 2023.
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