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Fashion ecommerce image editing solution.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool developed by Trendage that allows apparel and fashion ecommerce stores to place clothing on virtual models without the need for photoshoots.

By utilizing AI fashion models, users can instantly change models based on various attributes such as gender, ethnicity, age, expression, makeup, and more.

Additionally, the tool offers the ability to easily remove and change backgrounds in images, standardizing the store's appearance. It also features a face generation function that can reveal faces even in cropped or headless images.

The benefits of using include the ability to sell to new audiences by matching models to customer demographics, increasing sales and differentiating the store from competitors.

By avoiding the use of identical images used by other stores, users can enhance their store's SEO and attract more traffic. The tool enables users to upgrade product photos instantly by improving models, backgrounds, and other elements without altering the clothing. also provides a seamless integration with Shopify through the OnModel app, allowing users to easily install and utilize the tool. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the app's versatility and ability to cater to diverse customer bases.

The tool is accompanied by an extensive fashion ecommerce blog that offers tips and insights on topics such as SEO improvement and top tools for Shopify clothing stores.

Overall, offers apparel and fashion ecommerce stores a convenient and efficient solution to enhance product images, diversify models, and improve customer engagement.


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