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Personalised wardrobe advice imagined with AI
Generated by ChatGPT

Wardrobe AI is a digital tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to provide personalised wardrobe recommendations. To receive these recommendations, users are required to upload multiple images of themselves, ideally, in a variety of poses, facial expressions, and different backgrounds.

Next, users configure their preferences, choosing their color palette and wardrobe style. Wardrobe AI then generates and sends new fashion styles tailored to the users specifications on a weekly basis straight to their inbox.

The tool seeks to understand a user's personal style through the photographs and preferences provided. It also attempts to find similar items within its catalog to the user's personal style and makes these suggestions easily accessible for purchase.

The application ensures that users can delete their generated images at any point, providing variation and flexibility when it comes to style preferences and data management.

Please note, all images uploaded by a user are sent to an external training service for analysis, and are subsequently deleted post-processing to maintain user privacy.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized wardrobe recommendations
Weekly style updates
User-uploaded images analysis
Color palette preference
Wardrobe style configuration
Recommendation straight to inbox
Similar clothes for purchase
Image privacy post-processing
Variety of poses analysed
Analyzes facial expressions
Diverse background analysis
Tailored fashion styles
Flexible style preferences
Data management options
User's personal style understanding
Simple process for recommendations
Option to become beta tester
Catalog suited to personal style


Requires 10 image uploads
External training service used
Limited to weekly recommendations
No immediate result delivery
Personal style based on images
Data management flexibility limited
Dependent on user's photography skills
Doesn't match exact wardrobe items
User must manually delete images
Image deletion only post-processing


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What are the unique features of Wardrobe AI?

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