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A platform for hosting and monetizing diffusion models.
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SinkIn is a platform that hosts custom stable diffusion models and provides state-of-art infrastructure to support model creators. It allows users to sign in with Google, email, or log out.

It also provides credits for users to purchase models, and part of the pay goes to model creators to support their work. Currently, SinkIn is hosting six models, namely DreamShaper 3.3, Deliberate, AniReal, MAGIFACTORY t-shirt diffusion, Realistic Vision V1.2, and Suzumehachi, with a total of 2645, 435, 138, 123, 77, and 46 runs respectively.

The platform allows users to view and purchase the models, and provides model creators with a platform to monetize their work.


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Apr 6, 2024
We Provide the World’s Best Professional Photo Editing Services Online
Jan 14, 2024
High quality images, 100 free credits, very fast image generations. Simple to use. Five Stars.

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Pros and Cons


Hosts custom diffusion models
Infrastructure for model creators
Easy Google or email login
Provides credits for purchases
Part of payment supports creators
Supports model creators monetization
Multiple models hosted
Transparent model run stats
Seamless model viewing and purchasing


Limited model selection
Potential privacy concerns
Requires sign-in
Restricted to Google/email login
Diffusion models only
Limited to artefact hosting
Model runs not transparent
Pay-as-you-go credits
No free trial options
No model customization options


What is SinkIn?
How can I sign into SinkIn?
Can I log out of SinkIn?
What are the credits in SinkIn used for?
How much do SinkIn's credits cost?
Who benefits from the purchase of SinkIn's credits?
How many models does SinkIn currently host?
What are the names of the models hosted on SinkIn?
How can I purchase a model on SinkIn?
How do model creators profit from SinkIn?
Can I view models on SinkIn before purchasing?
What is the runs score of a model on SinkIn?
How can I support model creators on SinkIn?
What are the terms of service of SinkIn?
How does SinkIn protect my privacy?
What is DreamShaper 3.3?
Can you tell me about the AniReal model on SinkIn?
What is the Suzumehachi model?
Can I monetize my work as a model creator on SinkIn?
Where can I find more community support for SinkIn?

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