Image editing 2024-03-05
Repair & restore corrupted or pixelated photos.
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The 4DDiG Photo Repair & Restoration Tool is a software designed to restore and improvise the quality of compromised photographs. It uses Artificial Intelligence technology to repair and restore photos that may be corrupted, blurry, overexposed, or unopenable.

Furthermore, it is capable of enhancing the quality of old photos by sharpening the details, reducing noise, and restoring their former glory. It also features a unique ability to colorize black & white photos, bringing them to life.

Supporting a wide range of popular image formats including JPG, JPEG, PNG, RAW, SRW, CRW, RAF, SVG, TIFF, CR2, DNG, and HEIC allows it to seamlessly handle and repair photos from any device.

The tool's extensive repair capacity enables it to repair up to 3,000 pictures at one go. With its user-friendly interface, the tool is designed with the objective of making the process of photo repair and enhancement easy and efficient.

Despite its complex technology, it is suitable for both professional photographers and hobbyists.


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Pros and Cons


Restores compromised photographs
Improves quality of old photos
Handles corrupted images
Fixes blurry pictures
Corrects overexposed photos
Can repair unopenable photos
Sharpens photo details
Reduces image noise
Colorizes black & white photos
Supports popular image formats
Repairs up to 3,000 photos
User-friendly interface
Specifically intended for photo restoration
Suitable for both professionals and hobbyists
Allows batch image processing
Features high-speed repair
Offers bulk repair capability
Supports a wide range of devices
Provides advanced repair options
Avails repair preview
Supports RAW, SVG, DNG formats
Repairs heavily damaged photos
Identifies and enhances faces
Automatically colorizes B&W photos
Supports Windows and Mac platforms
Efficient photo repair process
Restores original photo quality
Handles image distortion and pixelation
Automatic clarity adjustment
Impressive HD upgrade for low-quality visuals
Single-click photo enhancement
Removes scratches, dust, tears from old photos
Supports up to 3000 image repair at a go
Improves color and sharpness
Restores damaged colors in images
Fixes missing or corrupted image data


No mobile version
Lacks online version
No Linux support
Limited to photo repairs
No pro editing features
No free version
Price not clear


What is the 4DDiG Photo Repair & Restoration Tool?
How does 4DDiG use Artificial Intelligence in photo restoration?
Can 4DDiG handle and repair photos from any device?
What image formats does 4DDiG support?
Can 4DDiG colorize black & white photos?
What is the maximum number of photos that 4DDiG can repair at one time?
Is 4DDiG suitable for professional photographers?
Can 4DDiG also be used by photography hobbyists?
How does 4DDiG ensure noise reduction in photos?
How does 4DDiG enhance the quality of old photos?
Can 4DDiG repair corrupted or pixelated photos?
How user-friendly is the 4DDiG's interface?
How can I download the 4DDiG Photo Repair tool?
Can 4DDiG restore photos that are blurry or overexposed?
How efficient is the bulk image processing feature of 4DDiG?
Does 4DDiG offer any other services apart from photo repair and restoration?
Can 4DDiG repair unopenable photos?
How does the image enhancement feature of 4DDiG work?
How does 4DDiG enhance the details of old photos?
Where can I find official support for 4DDiG?

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