Image editing 01 Feb 2023
Editing and designing images through a browser.

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Pixlr is an AI-powered photo editor, animation and design tool that offers users a range of features. With Pixlr, users can edit photos and create stunning designs in their browser, on their phone or desktop for free.

Pixlr also provides a suite of free tools for AI image generation, background removal, object removal, collage making, cropping and template library access.

For those looking to create high-quality visual assets with just one click, they can try the one-click visual creator Photomash Studio. Pixlr also offers a range of animation capabilities, such as adding professional-looking animation presets or getting into the gritty timeline details.

Finally, Pixlr also provides users with access to thousands of free and professionally crafted templates, such as YouTube banners, Instagram stories, resumes, brochures, business cards, presentations and more.


58 alternatives to Pixlr for Image editing


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