Image editing 2019-02-27
Mobile app for creating depth effects in photos.
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DPTH is a mobile photo editing app that uses AI technology to create a realistic Depth Of Field and 3D photo effect. The app allows users to change the focus distance after taking a photo, based on AI-predicted depth information.

It takes a single camera image and enhances it with depth information to create a more dynamic and interesting photo. DPTH can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

The app is designed for personal, non-commercial use only and requires registration to access its services. There are certain restrictions in place, such as the prohibition of reproduction, sale, resale or trading of any products or samples or redeemed products.

By submitting any text or images, including photographs, users grant the app a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use the material to promote any products or services.Overall, DPTH is a useful tool for amateur photographers who want to enhance their photos with AI technology.

The app's focus on creating a depth of field effect gives pictures a professional and creative touch, without the need for expensive camera equipment.


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DPTH was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Creates depth effect in photos
Changes focus distance post-capture
Single camera image enhancement
Compatible with Android devices
Compatible with iOS devices
Easy registration to access services
Designed for personal use
Grants non-commercial material license
Great for amateur photographers
No need for expensive hardware
3D photo effect creator
Realistic DPTH Of Field
DPTH - add depth feature
User-friendly interface
Regular app updates
Applicable for any taken photos
Convenient for mobile photography
Contributes to creative photos
Royalty-free material usage
Optimized for smartphone cameras
Direct link to app stores
Showcased on Product Hunt
Demonstrative video available


Requires registration
Non-commercial use only
User content used for promotion
Prohibits sale of created products
No offline use
Lacks advanced editing features
Lacks business usage options
User agreement limitations
Potential accessibility concerns


What is DPTH?
How does DPTH use AI technology?
Can I use DPTH on my iOS device?
Can I use DPTH on my Android device?
Does DPTH require registration to access?
Can I use DPTH for commercial purposes?
What kind of photos can I edit with DPTH?
Can I change the focus distance in my photos using DPTH?
How does DPTH create a realistic DPTH Of Field?
Can I use the effects provided by DPTH to create 3D photo effects?
How can I add a creative touch to my photos using DPTH?
Are there any prohibitions I need to be aware of when using DPTH?
If I submit images to DPTH, what kind of license will they have?
Where can I download DPTH for my device?
Does DPTH enhance my photos with depth information?
What are the restrictions if I want to trade or sell products I’ve created with DPTH?
Do I grant DPTH any license by submitting my images?
Is DPTH helpful for amateur photographers wanting to enhance their photos?
Will DPTH work on any single camera images?
Is there any cost associated with DPTH?

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