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ByRuslan Mustafin
Simplifying basic image operations.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to process your images. What would you like to do?
Sample prompts:
Resize this batch of images and keep aspect ratio
Crop this batch of images
Rotate these images 90 degrees clockwise
Compress these images and convert them to JPG
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Image Editor is a GPT specifically designed to perform a variety of basic image operations, including cropping, resizing, scaling, rotating, and converting images between different formats.

This tool displays versatility by allowing users to modify either a single image or a batch of images at once. Its various prompt starters, such as 'Resize this batch of images and keep aspect ratio', 'Crop this batch of images', 'Rotate these images 90 degrees clockwise', and 'Compress these images and convert them to JPG', enhance its accessibility for users by providing examples of potential operations.

Upon entry, Image Editor greets the users with a welcoming message and readily solicits their desired image operations. Hence, this GPT serves as a versatile and user-friendly tool for performing basic image editing tasks.

The tool is supported by ChatGPT Plus and also offers the users an option to reach the creator for questions or suggestions, thus ensuring it is responsive to user needs and feedback.


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