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Streamlined design through image edit and collaboration.
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Modyfi is an image editing tool that offers AI-native design capabilities, powerful creative tools, and real-time collaboration, all accessible through a web browser.

It combines the convenience of working in a browser with advanced features that allow for intuitive vector tooling and AI-driven art direction. The tool empowers users to create stunning and practical results by combining designer-focused AI with fine-tuneable controls.One of Modyfi's key features is its collaborative functionality, which enables streamlined project and asset management in one place.

Users can easily share their progress and receive feedback without the need for exporting files. The tool also boasts efficient workflow enhancements such as a command bar for quick execution of commands and non-destructive editing capabilities for ultimate flexibility and iterative design exploration.Modyfi prioritizes speed and convenience by being the first WebGPU enabled image editing platform.

It eliminates the need to switch between different applications by providing a single editor that combines hands-on creative vector and raster tooling.

Additionally, users can browse and import stock images from their favorite repositories.Although not currently available, Modyfi has plans to introduce more customization options through an in-app code editor, allowing users to tailor their designs to perfection and achieve desired effects and looks.

The tool aims to foster a community of visual expression by encouraging users to join their Discord community, where they can share ideas and contribute to redefining design workflows.Modyfi is designed to revolutionize the way images are created, shared, and published, offering a comprehensive and collaborative image editing experience.


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Pros and Cons


Real-time collaboration opportunities
Access through web browser
Intuitive vector tooling
Fine-tuneable controls
Streamlined project management
Easy sharing and feedback
Non-destructive editing capabilities
Ultimate design flexibility
Quick command execution
WebGPU enabled platform
Unified creative vector and raster tooling
Stock image browsing
Single editor for all functions
In-app code editor (upcoming)
Community building emphasis
Unlimited iterative design exploration
Focus on speed and convenience
One-stop asset management
User-friendly: No prior experience needed
No need for app switching
Future customization options
Real world oriented design


No offline version
Limited customization options
Potential privacy issues
Requires fast internet connection
Dependent on WebGPU
Potential loss of data
Dependent on single account
Limited repository sources
No mobile version
In-app code editor not available


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What kinds of images can I import into Modyfi?
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Are there any future updates planned for Modyfi?
How can Modyfi help in streamlining project and asset management?
What kinds of customization can I apply to my designs in Modyfi?
How can I join the Modyfi Discord community?
What is the future plan for Modyfi?
What is the advantage of using Modyfi's browser-based platform?
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What does Modyfi mean by 'AI under your control'?
What is different about Modyfi's approach to image editing?
How to sign up for Modyfi?

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