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Object removal image editor.
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PixelFixer is an AI-powered image correction tool designed to fix photos with unwanted elements and missing parts. Its advanced technology can detect and remove unwanted objects from images, generating missing parts seamlessly.

The tool is available for iOS devices through the App Store and an Android version is currently in development. PixelFixer offers a user-friendly interface that enables users to easily fix their photos with just a few clicks.

The tool's AI algorithms can improve the overall quality of photos and remove unwanted elements, making them look more professional. Users can erase unwanted elements from photos and fill in any gaps using the software's intelligent image restoration technology.PixelFixer is suitable for a broad range of users, ranging from amateur photographers to professionals who require advanced image editing capabilities.

With its powerful algorithms, it can easily correct images with complex issues, such as incorrect lighting, exposure, and color balance. The tool's functionality can also be extended through integration with other software, enabling users to enhance their photos further.In summary, PixelFixer is an AI-powered photo editing tool that enables users to fix their photos with unwanted elements and generate missing parts.

Its user-friendly interface and powerful algorithms make it an essential tool for anyone looking to create flawless photos with minimal effort.


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PixelFixer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Detects unwanted objects
Generates missing parts seamlessly
Available on iOS
User-friendly interface
Improves photo quality
Erases unwanted elements
Intelligent image restoration
Suitable for various users
Corrects complex image issues
Integration with other software
Minimal effort required
Repairs incorrect lighting
Fixes exposure issues
Corrects color balance
Renders professional-looking photos
Supports broad user range
Upcoming Android version
Efficient object removal
User-friendly photo editing
Optimized for mobile use
Generates flawless photos
Social media integrations


iOS only currently
Limited to photo edits
Dependency on platform features
No offline usability
Lacks advanced editing features
Non-customizable algorithms
No reported batch processing
Can't handle large files
Limited integration options


What is PixelFixer?
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How can PixelFixer improve the overall quality of my photos?
Can I erase unwanted elements from photos with PixelFixer?
How does PixelFixer's intelligent image restoration technology work?
Is PixelFixer suitable for professional photographers?
Can PixelFixer correct images with incorrect lighting, exposure, and color balance?
Can PixelFixer's functionality be extended through integration with other software?
What are some of the advanced features offered by PixelFixer?
Does PixelFixer have a user-friendly interface?
How can PixelFixer make my photos look more professional?
Who can use PixelFixer?
How can PixelFixer help me create flawless photos with minimal effort?
Where can I download the PixelFixer app?
Does PixelFixer have its own social media accounts?
Can I try PixelFixer now?
What makes PixelFixer essential for image correction?

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