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An app for editing photos and videos.
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Prequel is a photo and video editing app with an easy-to-use creative toolkit, aesthetic effects, and filters. It provides over 800 top-notch effects, AI-powered features, and advanced editing functions, such as retouching, color-correction, and sharpening.

It also offers an array of video templates, intros and outros, and background music to help users create their desired content. Prequel is available on the App Store and Google Play and can be followed on social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Medium.

It has a set of useful terms of use, privacy policy, community guidelines, and subscription details for users.

Prequel was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


800+ aesthetic effects
Advanced retouching capabilities
Color-correction feature
Image sharpening functionality
Video template offerings
Offers intros and outros
Variety of background music
Effective for social media
Supports multiple mobile platforms
Provides user subscription details
Community guidelines available
Specific privacy policy
Wide range of filters
AR objects implementation
Option to add captions
Comic book character conversion
Features for facial reshaping
Single tap style switching
Contrast, brightness, saturation adjustment
Level-up image enhancement
User-friendly editing tool
Applicable to photos & videos
Large collection of presets
Inspiring edits available
Teeth whitening function
Work of art creation
D3D enhancement capabilities
Y2K, Indie Kid styles
Support and media requests
Investor information available


No Web-based version
Lacks professional editing functions
Limited sharing capabilities
No free version
Potential user privacy concerns
Subscription required for features
Limited video editing tools
Only available on mobile
Limited social media integration
No collaboration feature


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What kind of platforms is Prequel available on?
Can Prequel be used for video editing?
Does Prequel offer any templates for content creation?
Is there a community or support for Prequel users?
What is the purpose of the aesthetic filters in Prequel?
What kind of effects does Prequel provide for enhancing photos?
How can I follow Prequel on social media platforms?
How can I download Prequel?
What are the retouch features offered by Prequel?
In what ways can Prequel help in color-correction of images?
How can I use Prequel for creating profile pictures?
Can I turn my selfies into comic book characters using Prequel?
Are there any subscription details for the Prequel app?
What do the terms of use for Prequel cover?
What kind of privacy policy does Prequel have?
Are there any community guidelines for using Prequel?

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