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Advanced image editor for precise edits.
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Emu Edit is a highly advanced AI tool designed for precise image editing through recognition and generation tasks. Developed by AI at Meta, Emu Edit sets a new standard for instruction-based image editing, offering state-of-the-art performance.

The tool employs a multi-task learning architecture that has been adapted and trained on a wide range of tasks, including region-based editing, free-form editing, detection, and segmentation, all framed as generative tasks.One of the key features of Emu Edit is its ability to handle various image editing tasks effectively.

To achieve this, the tool utilizes learned task embeddings, which guide the generation process towards the correct generative task. This approach significantly enhances the model's accuracy in executing editing instructions.Emu Edit also demonstrates impressive few-shot learning capabilities, allowing it to adapt swiftly to previously unseen tasks through task inversion.

By freezing the model weights and solely updating a task embedding to fit the new task, the tool showcases its adaptability, making it advantageous in scenarios with limited labeled examples or low computational budget.To support rigorous evaluation of instruction-based image editing models, Emu Edit provides a benchmark dataset that includes seven different image editing tasks, such as background alteration, style alteration, and object addition/removal.

The benchmark dataset allows fair comparison with Emu Edit's generations and enables informed assessment of the tool's performance.Emu Edit is a cutting-edge tool for professionals seeking precise image editing capabilities, leveraging the power of AI and multi-task learning to deliver exceptional results.

Emu Edit was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 16th 2023.
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