ChatGPT on Mac 2023-05-10
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Conversational models on macOS made accessible.
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Sidekick is an AI tool that offers access to ChatGPT, a conversational AI system, on macOS. This tool provides users with an easy and convenient way to interact with ChatGPT, similar to how Spotlight operates.

ChatGPT is a conversational model developed by OpenAI, and Sidekick allows users to utilize it within a convenient and accessible interface. In order to use Sidekick, users are required to have an API key from OpenAI, which allows access to the ChatGPT system.

This tool is free to use, but users must obtain the OpenAI API key on their own. The creator of Sidekick is August Wester, who developed this tool to enable users to quickly and easily access ChatGPT on macOS.

Sidekick is open-source and can be downloaded for free on the creator’s website.The privacy policy for using Sidekick is available to users, ensuring their privacy is respected while using this tool.

Overall, Sidekick is a straightforward and intuitive way for macOS users to interact with ChatGPT, providing a useful tool for anyone seeking to experiment or explore the capabilities of conversational AI.


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May 16, 2023
Why do most apps of that kind require the newest versions of Mac OS?

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Pros and Cons


MacOS compatible
Accessible interface
Uses ChatGPT
Free to use
Developed by independent creator
Privacy policy available
Easily downloadable
Similar to Spotlight functionality


Only available on macOS
No direct support available
Lack of extensive documentation
Potentially complicated for non-technicals
Restricted by API call limits
No offline functionality
No version for other OS
Requires manual key insertion


What is Sidekiiick?
How does Sidekiiick work on macOS?
What is required to use Sidekiiick?
What functionalities does Sidekiiick provide?
Who is the creator of Sidekiiick?
Is Sidekiiick free to use?
What is ChatGPT?
How do I obtain an OpenAI API key?
Can I use Sidekiiick without an OpenAI API key?
Is Sidekiiick an open-source tool?
Where can I download Sidekiiick?
Is there a privacy policy for using Sidekiiick?
What can I do with Sidekiiick?
How can Sidekiiick benefit macOS users specifically?
How is Sidekiiick similar to Spotlight?
Can Sidekiiick be used for writing blogs and articles?
Who is August Wester?
Can Sidekiiick work on other operating systems besides macOS?
Does using Sidekiiick mean my conversations are going through a third party?
How can I contribute to or support the development of Sidekiiick?


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