ChatGPT 08 Aug 2023
Integrating ChatGPT into macOS text fields.

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AnyGPT is a tool that allows users to integrate ChatGPT, an advanced conversational AI model developed by OpenAI, into any application on the macOS operating system.

By leveraging AnyGPT, users can transform any text field in macOS into a ChatGPT prompt by simply entering "GPT:" followed by the desired prompt and pressing shift+enter.

Whether it's a messaging app, note-taking application, or any other text-based platform, AnyGPT enables users to access ChatGPT's capabilities seamlessly within their preferred applications.To utilize AnyGPT, users need an active paid OpenAI plan and an OpenAI API key, which can be obtained through the OpenAI platform.

Additionally, AnyGPT is compatible with Mac computers running macOS 12.0 or above.With AnyGPT, users gain the ability to engage in natural language conversations, receive informative responses, and generate text-based content, all directly within their macOS applications.

This tool enhances productivity by providing an intuitive and integrated AI experience without the hassle of switching between different platforms or interfaces.Privacy is prioritized with AnyGPT, and users are encouraged to review the tool's privacy policy for further information.

AnyGPT is developed by Tanmay, also known as @tanmays on Twitter, and all rights are reserved.Please note that the description does not include specific pricing details or mention limited-time offers, as the aim is to provide a timeless and objective overview of the tool's functionality.

AnyGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Integrates ChatGPT into macOS
Transforms text fields to ChatGPT prompts
Compatible with different applications
Compatible with macOS 12.0+
Provides natural language conversations
Generates informative responses
Hassle-free switching
Prioritizes user privacy
Boosts productivity within applications
Limited external software requirements
Prompt initiation with shift+enter
Developed by trusted developer


Limited to macOS
No pricing details
Installation may breach privacy
Not open source
Requires manual command input
Lacks versatility (text-based only)
Dependent on specific API key
Requires internet connectivity
Updates rely on a single developer


What is AnyGPT?
How does AnyGPT integrate ChatGPT into macOS text fields?
What applications can be supported by AnyGPT?
What are the required system specifications to use AnyGPT?
What is the process to activate AnyGPT in a text field?
Do I need an active OpenAI plan to use AnyGPT?
Can AnyGPT work with any text-based platform?
Can I use AnyGPT without an OpenAI API key?
Is there any limit on using AnyGPT per day?
What kind of text contents can be generated using AnyGPT?
How does AnyGPT enhance productivity?
Is using AnyGPT safe and secure?
Where can I review AnyGPT's privacy policy?
Who has developed AnyGPT?
What is the purpose of the 'GPT:' prompt in AnyGPT?
How does the AnyGPT provide seamless access to ChatGPT's capabilities?
Where can I get the OpenAI API key for accessing AnyGPT?
Does AnyGPT help to engage in natural language conversations?
Can I use AnyGPT on macOS versions below 12.0?
How does AnyGPT prioritize user privacy?

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