ChatGPT on Mac 27 May 2023
Easy chat for typing.

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Yack is a MacOS app that allows users to access ChatGPT, an AI language chatbot developed by OpenAI, directly from their menu bar. It requires an Open AI key for usage.

The app is lightweight, fast, and simple, built with Rust and weighing in at less than 10 MB. Yack offers a keyboard-first design, multiple themes, and markdown support, with bullets, numbered lists, code blocks, and tables.

Additionally, Yack is designed to be a private tool that doesn't store any user data in its servers. Instead, anything that needs to be stored is kept on the user's device and never leaves it.

In addition to the current features, Yack has promised several upcoming features, including cross-app integration and searchability. Users will be able to pick context from other apps and use their own prompts with Yack, and search through their chats.

Furthermore, Yack is compatible with both the Apple Silicon and Intel chips for MacOS version 2020 and later for the former, and earlier versions for the latter.

Overall, Yack offers a seamless and convenient experience for MacOS users to utilize OpenAI's ChatGPT without having to go through a browser.

Yack was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Lightweight tool
Fast and efficient
Built with Rust
Less than 10 MB
Access from menu bar
Keyboard-first design
Multiple themes
Markdown support
Private tool
Data stored on device
No data on servers
Cross-app integration (upcoming)
Searchability (upcoming)
Uses own prompts (upcoming)
Apple Silicon compatibility
Intel Chips compatibility
Designed for MacOS
Good for typing tasks
Direct access to ChatGPT
Promised future features
Usable without browser
Supports codeblocks, tables


Only for MacOS
No cross-app integration yet
No search feature yet
Limited theme choices
No prompt completion
Exclusive to menu-bar
No prompt templates yet


What is Yack?
How does Yack utilize OpenAI's ChatGPT?
Where can I access Yack on my Mac?
What do I need to use Yack?
How much space does Yack require on my device?
What features does Yack offer for text formatting?
What are the themes available in Yack?
Does Yack store any of my data?
How does Yack ensure user privacy?
What are the upcoming features for Yack?
What is cross-app integration in Yack?
How will prompt templates work in Yack?
What does Yack mean by prompt completion?
How will search functionality work in Yack?
Is Yack compatible with my Mac version or chip?
Can Yack work without a mouse?
Why is Yack described as a lightweight app?
Are there plans for Yack to be compatible with other operating systems?
What makes Yack a convenient tool for accessing ChatGPT?
Why does Yack require an OpenAI key for usage?

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