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Feature-rich ChatGPT client made exclusively for macOS
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MindMac is a ChatGPT client designed for macOS. It functions as a seamless and efficient tool to access and interact with AI models like OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, Google Gemini, and others.

In terms of productivity, it offers extensive features such as the 'powerful inline mode', which enables quick content generation or querying in any application without window switching being required.

MindMac offers over 150 built-in prompt templates to enhance user interaction, and it's highly customizable, allowing alterations to OpenAI parameters, appearances, context mode, and keyboard shortcuts.

The security of the user's API key is a priority, stored securely in the Keychain on the macOS. MindMac supports more than ten popular languages and ensures that your data only goes to the OpenAI server, maintaining user privacy.

Its features set extends to support for all OpenAI ChatGPT Models, Azure OpenAI ChatGPT Models, Google AI & Google Cloud Vertex AI Models, and several others, offering a versatile application of use cases.

Additionally, it includes advanced capabilities like Image Generation (DALLE 2 & DALLE 3), Custom API Endpoint & Proxy, and option to export to PDF/Markdown/ShareGPT, among others.

Its upcoming features promise an enhanced experience, including iDevices Sync via iCloud, Voice Input, Text-to-Speech, Instant Inline Command, and more.

It's designed to be native and fast, providing a friendly user interface that's optimized for macOS. Already trusted by numerous AI enthusiasts globally, it allows individuals and teams to easily and effectively leverage the power of ChatGPT on a macOS environment.

MindMac was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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Feb 20, 2024
This is amazing. Super useful and helpful. Very versatile and intuitive OpenAI native client on Mac. It's an AI integrator and aggregator. MindMac is the door to all of my LLM endpoints (GPT, Mistral AI, Ollama, remote LM Studio, etc) endpoint. All inference results are stored in one place. Incredible. Worth every penny.
Feb 7, 2024
Absolutely love MindMac, I have been giving large amounts of feedback and support to help improve the app for some time now, and the only reason why I am doing that out of my own time, without any incentive is to help the community, but I also want to help this app succeed. Having small developers, like MindMac's is incredible, to create something as powerful and helpful, for users that do not need a computer science degree just to operate it I find very exciting. The developer listens and actions requests that are helpful, and reasonable, and that is something you won't get with the larger developers for months. Keep it up MindMac!
Feb 2, 2024
I've always preferred using desktop apps and MindMac was exactly what I was looking for in regards to a desktop GTP app. Now I can cancel my subscription to 😃 By the way, the support is on point!
Jan 30, 2024
Really great app that works with Ollama natively!

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Pros and Cons


Powerful inline mode
150 built-in prompt templates
Highly customizable
Secure API key storage
Supports 10+ languages
Maintains user privacy
Image Generation
Custom API Endpoint & Proxy
Export to PDF/Markdown/ShareGPT
Compatible with macOS 13+
Optimized for Mac Intel & Apple M1/M2/M3
Upcoming features like iDevices Sync via iCloud
Fast native application
Promises Voice Input feature
Soon to have Text-to-Speech feature
Promise of Instant Inline Command
Offers API Key Security
Supports multiple platforms
Easy and effective leverage of ChatGPT
Promised iDevices Sync via iCloud
Upcoming feature of Upload Document


Only for macOS
No Windows support
Pricing per device
Several features upcoming, not present
Limited features on Free plan
Limitations on conversation numbers
Limitations on inline mode uses
No native account, only API keys
Dependent on third-party API performance
Necessity to store API key locally


What is the powerful inline mode feature in MindMac?
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How does MindMac secure my API key?
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What advanced features does MindMac offer?
What kind of performance should I expect from MindMac on macOS?
What are the upcoming features of MindMac?
How does MindMac maintain user privacy?
What is the take of MindMac on User Interaction Customization?
Which AI models are primarily used in MindMac?
Does MindMac offer any templates for prompts?
Can MindMac be used in applications without window switching?
How does Image Generation work in MindMac?
How can I export content with MindMac?
Can I sync MindMac with my iDevices via iCloud?
Will MindMac add support for more languages?
What capabilities does MindMac offer for developers?
How does MindMac ensure efficiency in accessing AI models?


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