ChatGPT on Mac 28 Mar 2023
MacOS app for seamless Q&A conversations.

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Atua is an AI tool designed to offer seamless and efficient AI assistance to users on their Mac OS apps. The tool can be used to access ChatGPT through a simple shortcut key, without the need for context switching between different apps.

Atua offers users the ability to create custom commands and assign hotkeys that can be used to tailor the tool to their needs. Atua has a conversation history feature that allows users to save and reference previous conversations with ChatGPT.

This versatility makes Atua suitable for a wide range of tasks from content writing to code refactoring, among others.To use Atua, Mac OS 10.12+ is required, as well as an OpenAPI license key that can be obtained from OpenAI's website.

Atua is a one-time purchase tool and offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. In addition, Atua offers lifetime access and future updates to its users.Atua is not available on Windows or Linux currently, although the creators plan to expand to these platforms in the future.

Furthermore, Atua is separate from ChatGPT Plus subscription, meaning users will require separate billing to cover API usage costs. Atua offers team plan licenses, and support is available via email.

Atua was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Mac MacOS app
Seamless Q&A conversations
Access to ChatGPT
Shortcut key feature
No context switching
Custom command creation
Hotkey assignment
Conversation history feature
Wide range of tasks
Suitable for content writing
Suitable for code refactoring
Mac OS 10.12+ compatibility
Requires OpenAPI license key
One-time purchase
7-day money-back guarantee
Lifetime access
Future updates
Team plan licenses
Email support
Instant ChatGPT access
Predefined command customization
Effortless text selection
Text processing
Versatile use cases
Time-saving tool


Only for Mac OS 10.12+
Confusing double-billing (Atua, API)
No Windows, Linux versions
Requires OpenAPI license key
No integration with ChatGPT Plus
No multi-language support
Limited customer support
Customization may overwhelm some users
Insecure communication (only via email)
Dependent on external API


What is Atua?
What are the key features of Atua?
How can I customize commands in Atua?
What is the conversation history feature in Atua?
Can I use Atua for code refactoring tasks?
What are the system requirements for Atua?
What is an OpenAPI license key and why do I need it for Atua?
Is Atua a subscription service or a one-time purchase?
Do I get future updates if I purchase Atua?
Is Atua available for Windows or Linux?
Is the Atua purchase separate from the ChatGPT Plus subscription?
Do I have to pay for API usage when using Atua?
Does Atua offer team plan licenses?
How can I contact Atua’s support team?
What is Atua's refund policy?
How does Atua's seamless access to ChatGPT work?
How can I trigger Atua's shortcut key?
How maneaverable is Atua with text selection and processing?
What types of tasks can I perform using Atua?
Can I save and review my previous conversations with ChatGPT in Atua?

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