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Personalized assistant for private chat experiences.
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Short Circuit is a ChatGPT app available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, offering an AI assistant called Shorty. The app provides a premium ChatGPT experience and works seamlessly with Siri, Shortcuts, and other system features.

Short Circuit allows users to engage in conversations with personas representing various personalities, including a French tour guide, a math tutor, or a SwiftUI expert.

The app emphasizes privacy by promising not to use users' questions and answers to train OpenAI models, distinguishing itself from other ChatGPT apps that may employ user data for training.Additionally, Short Circuit offers a subscription-based model for accessing its services on Apple devices.

However, users also have the option to make a one-time payment for a lifetime unlock, which includes the ability to use the app with their own OpenAI token.

This lifetime unlock provides an affordable option for infrequent use. Moreover, the app offers a free trial to help users familiarize themselves with its features.For support and inquiries, Short Circuit provides the option to reach out through Mastodon or email.

Overall, Short Circuit aims to deliver a convenient and customizable ChatGPT experience while prioritizing user privacy and offering flexible payment options.

Shortcircuit was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Available on multiple Apple devices
Seamless Siri integration
Works with system shortcuts
Customizable conversation personas
Emphasis on privacy
No use of user data for training
Subscription-based model
Option for one-time payment
Free trial available
Support through Mastodon and email
Fact checking feature
Affordable for infrequent users
Workflow creation with ChatGPT
Personalized assistant in privacy
Interacts with various personalities
Doesn't employ user data
Reduces training bias
Open platform communication


Only available on Apple devices
Subscription-based model needed
One-time payment is costly
Limited personality options
Fact-checking not always reliable
Depends on Siri functionality
Privacy measures limit data training
Mastodon for support


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What's the cost and subscription model for Short Circuit?
Is there a free trial for Short Circuit?
Are there lifetime unlock options for Short Circuit and how do I purchase that?
How can I contact the Short Circuit support team?
Where can I download Short Circuit?
Does Short Circuit meet compliance on data privacy regulations?
What does a short circuit lifetime unlock purchase include?
How am I supposed to setup my OpenAI key in Short Circuit?
How does Short Circuit ensure the quality of its chatbot responses?
Does Short Circuit use my questions and answers to train their AI models?
Where can I find Short Circuit's terms of service and privacy policy?

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