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Browser add-on with summary and explanatory features.
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Sider.AI is a Chrome extension that offers various AI-powered functionalities to its users while browsing the internet. It allows users to select any text on a webpage and perform a diverse range of actions like explaining, summarizing, translating, or even rewriting it, all via the ChatGPT sidebar.

Additionally, the extension offers a feature to scan articles and identify their key points quickly.The Sider.AI extension also provides an option to explore similar web pages to the one currently being viewed, making it easier for users to find relevant information.

This extension features an explanation lookup function that provides quick explanations of any selection of text, eliminating the need to search manually.Another useful feature of Sider.AI is the ability to compare answers between humans and AI on Q&A sites like Stack Overflow.

This function can improve decision-making and help users find the best answer by comparing human-generated and AI-generated results side-by-side.Overall, Sider.AI is a valuable AI tool that assists users in a range of browsing-related tasks, from researching to reading and comprehension.

It provides an efficient and easy-to-use platform for accessing different AI-powered functions that make the browsing experience easier and more efficient.


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Sider AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Text selection based actions
Explains selected text
Summarizes selected text
Translates selected text
Rewrites selected text
ChatGPT sidebar for interaction
Scans articles for key points
Suggestions for similar pages
Quick access to explanations
Improves decision-making
Q&A site integration
Research assistance
Reading and comprehension aid
Efficiency in browsing
Easy to use platform
Available as a Chrome extension
Helps identify best answers
Eliminates manual search
Helps in exploring relevant information
Useful for multiple browsing-related tasks


Only available on Chrome
Limited to browser use
Potential comprehension issues
Translation clarity issues
May lack content specificity
Cannot process offline content
Dependent on webpage accessibility
Potential comparison bias in Q&A
Summary feature might omit details


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Are there any special benefits of Sider.AI's explanation lookup function?
Can Sider.AI help me find similar pages to the one I'm currently viewing?
How does the comparison of answers between humans and AI on Q&A sites feature work in Sider.AI?
Which Q&A sites does Sider.AI work with?
Is Sider.AI compatible with all web pages?
Can Sider.AI assist with decision-making?
Can Sider.AI rewrite the text selected on any webpage?
What makes Sider.AI a valuable AI tool?
What is the ChatGPT sidebar featured in Sider.AI?
How does Sider.AI improve the browsing experience?
Is Sider.AI easy to use for first-time users?
How can Sider.AI help with research and comprehension?
Does Sider.AI have any privacy policy I should know about?


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