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WhatsApp assistant with chatbot and voice messaging.
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GPT Hotline is an AI-powered messaging assistant that allows users to connect with the world's smartest AI on WhatsApp without needing to download any apps or bookmarks.

It provides an easy way to message the AI, search and share past conversations, and use special commands to get images, videos and news. GPT Hotline leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT, giving users access to the world's most advanced chatbot on their favorite messaging app.

With Speech To Text functionality, users can also send voice messages (in English only) to GPT and it will respond. To get GPT Hotline, users must sign up for the GPT Pro Plan, register their phone number, and start texting their AI assistant.

A code is available to get 20% off the pro plan for the first month, and users can cancel anytime and get refunded from their Subscription Portal if they don't like it.


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GPT Hotline was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Works on WhatsApp
No additional apps required
Search past conversations
Share past conversations
Power commands functionality
Send voice messages
Speech to text functionality
Pro Plan subscription
Discount code available
Easy cancellation and refund
Access to advanced chatbot
Messages not limited to text
Preserve chat history
Forward and share responses
Get latest news updates
Unified communication platform
English language voice support
User-friendly interface
Secure personal phone number registration
Integration with GPT-3
Fast and efficient communication
Personalized user experience
Platform independence


English-only voice messaging
Requires GPT Pro Plan
No app version
Registration involves phone number
No free tier
Cannot use without WhatsApp
Limited to chatbot functionality
Can't recognize multiple languages
Refund only through Subscription Portal
No stated data privacy


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How do I register my phone number for GPT Hotline?
What are the benefits of using GPT Hotline on WhatsApp?
Can I get images and videos from GPT Hotline?
Can I cancel my GPT Pro Plan subscription if I'm not satisfied?
What is the price of the GPT Pro Plan?
Is there a discount code for the Pro Plan on GPT Hotline?
How do power commands work in GPT Hotline?
Can I send voice messages to GPT Hotline?
Is funding required to use GPT Hotline?
How do I use GPT Hotline to stay updated with the latest news?
Can I forward and share answers from GPT Hotline with friends?
What languages are supported by GPT Hotline's Speech To Text functionality?


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