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Helper-AI is an AI tool that provides instant access chatbot capability on any website. The tool is available for download and comes with the complete source code that can be modified, redistributed, or resold.

The tool can be owned forever, which makes it a useful long-term investment for businesses. The tool is user-friendly and easy to set up. The tool's founder claims to have made $300+ in just 5 days by selling the source code of the AI tool.

Businesses can use the tool to improve customer service on their websites or use it to provide instant support to visitors. The tool can also be integrated with other AI-based tools to build robust systems that can handle a range of customer service tasks.

The tool's website provides a newsletter that showcases five new and unique product ideas with income proof biweekly. The tool's developer provides customer support via email and welcomes feedback or queries from interested parties.

The tool's website adheres to Google's cookie policy and uses cookies to deliver its services and analyze traffic. Overall, Helper-AI is a practical and efficient tool that can help businesses improve their customer service and enhance their website's functionality with ease.

Helper AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Instant chatbot access
Available for download
Comes with source code
Can be modified
Can be resold
Full ownership possibility
Easy setup
Improves customer service
Supports instant queries
Revenue from source code selling
Newsletter with product ideas
Email customer support
Compliant with Google cookie policy


Source code re-sale concerns
No dedicated app
Support via email only
Data privacy issues
Limited customization options
Potential compatibility issues
No multi-lingual support
Dependent on third-party integrations
No API access provided
No live support


What is Helper-AI?
How can I download Helper-AI?
Can the source code of Helper-AI be modified?
Can the Helper-AI tool be resold?
Is Helper-AI a one-time purchase or are there recurring payments?
What extra features does Helper-AI provide to improve customer service on a website?
Can Helper-AI provide instant support to website visitors?
How can Helper-AI be integrated with other AI tools?
What content is included in the Helper-AI newsletter?
How frequently do I receive the Helper-AI newsletter?
How can I contact the developer of Helper-AI?
What is the Google cookie policy that Helper-AI's website adheres to?
How does Helper-AI use cookies to enhance its services?
Is it possible to earn additional income selling the source code of Helper-AI?
How user-friendly is Helper-AI to set up?
What makes Helper-AI a good long-term investment for my business?
What tasks can Helper-AI handle for customer service?
What are the system requirements for running Helper-AI on a website?
Does Helper-AI provide any analytics or insights about website traffic?
Is there a demo or free trial version of Helper-AI that I can test before purchasing?

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