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Convert WhatsApp voice messages to text.
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WhisperBot is an AI-powered transcription tool that turns WhatsApp voice messages into text. It works directly within WhatsApp and requires no additional installations, making the experience seamless.

WhisperBot leverages OpenAI technology to transcribe messages accurately and quickly, supporting over 57 languages. Once the transcription is sent back to the user, the audio file (voice message) and its text content are erased from the database for data security reasons.

WhisperBot's AI powers allow users to request key takeaways from long voice messages, making it easier to understand the most important points. The transcription tool has a high level of accuracy, ensuring that at least 95% of the voice message is accurately transcribed.

WhisperBot is a one-time payment tool with no subscription required, though users can also subscribe for its additional features. Developed by Maël (founder of Whisperize.me), WhisperBot is built on top of WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption technology, making it a secure option for transcribing voice messages.

Although currently only available on WhatsApp, WhisperBot may support other messaging platforms in the future. With WhisperBot, users no longer have to worry about not being able to listen to voice messages immediately, making it a useful tool for communication and productivity.


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WhisperBot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Transcribes WhatsApp Voice messages
Works directly within WhatsApp
Requires no additional installations
Supports over 57 languages
Data erasure for security
Provides key takeaways from messages
High transcription accuracy
One-time payment option available
Built on WhatsApp encryption technology
Convenient for immediate text conversion
Fast transcription service
Free trials available
No need for external hardware
Multilingual capabilities
High security for voice messages
Potential support for other platforms
User-friendly process: Send, Transcribe, Read
Can be used in noisy environments
Data deletion post transcription
Promotes productivity and communication efficiency


Limited to WhatsApp
Only transcribes voice messages
One-time payment model
No desktop version
Dependent on WhatsApp's encryption
Limited additional features
Data erasure strategy
Not open source
Limited supported languages
Doesn’t provide full automation


What is WhisperBot?
How does WhisperBot transcribe voice messages on WhatsApp?
What level of accuracy does WhisperBot provide?
Does WhisperBot support my language?
Is WhisperBot a free tool?
Can I use WhisperBot without any additional installations?
How does WhisperBot handle data privacy?
How long do my transcriptions and voice messages stay in the WhisperBot system?
What are WhisperBot's additional features if I choose to subscribe?
Who developed WhisperBot?
What kind of technology does WhisperBot use for transcriptions?
How does WhisperBot help extract key takeaways from voice messages?
What is the benefit of using WhisperBot for voice messages?
How quickly can WhisperBot transcribe my voice messages?
Is WhisperBot compatible with other messaging platforms?
Can I trust WhisperBot's security measures for my data?
Does WhisperBot work instantly, or is there a delay?
What happens to my voice message after WhisperBot has transcribed it?
Does WhisperBot require my credit card information?
Is WhisperBot available to users outside the US?


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