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Instant answering using NLP in Slack and MS Teams.
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Albus is a natural language processing (NLP) tool that helps users find answers to their questions without leaving Slack & MS Teams. Albus is designed to help a wide range of professionals, from marketers and designers to executives and sales people, to quickly and easily get the answers they need.

Albus is offered with a 7-day free trial, with no credit card required. For those wanting to use Albus longer, there are subscription options available with discounts for annual subscriptions.

Albus can be used to generate personalized responses to customer inquiries, create engaging visual and marketing content, analyze market trends and customer data, generate reports and presentations, answer common questions about products or services, create ideas for new strategies and campaigns, and create engaging social media posts.

Albus can be added directly to Slack & MS Teams and can be asked questions directly, or with the @albus command in channels/DMs. Albus is developed by Springworks, a company dedicated to improving the way people work and creating tools to help individuals and companies succeed.

Springworks also offers a range of other products, including Trivia, Employee Rewards & Recognition, Background Verification, Free Applicant Tracking System, Create Verified Professional Profile, and Meet For Slack.


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Sep 29, 2023
Absolutely love this product! It helps me be more productive, the best part is that it's right inside Slack.

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Albus was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 22nd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Instant answering in Slack
Instant answering in MS Teams
7-day free trial offered
No credit card for trial
Subscription options available
Discounts for annual subscriptions
Generates personalized responses
Creates engaging content
Analyzes market trends
Generates reports and presentations
Answers common product questions
Generates new strategy ideas
Creates engaging social media posts
Can be added directly to Slack
Can be added directly to MS Teams
Takes questions directly or through @albus
Developed by experienced company
Useful for marketers
Useful for designers
Useful for executives
Useful for sales professionals
Direct messaging possible
Can analyze customer data
Generates ideas for designs
Generates text for websites
Can create product descriptions
Assists in decision making
Can promote products/services
Charge only for Albus users
Cheaper for larger teams
Generates ideas for campaigns
Builds customer's trust
Improves customer satisfaction
Scalable pricing options
Community initiatives from company
Locations in multiple regions
Free retries available
Separate commands for groups
Ease of use in DMs/channels
Produces engaging visual content
Multiple subscription plans
Educates customers about products/services
Diverse tools offering from Springworks
Improves workplace communications
Saves time in finding information
Direct integration with workspace
Improved inter-team collaboration
Bridges knowledge gaps


Only supports Slack and Teams
Charges per user
No multilingual support
No offline operations
No free tier after trial
Cannot process complex inquiries
Limited personalization capabilities


What is Albus ChatGPT?
How does Albus use NLP?
Can Albus be used in both Slack and MS Teams?
What professionals can benefit from using Albus?
What is the cost of Albus after the 7-day free trial?
How is Albus used in generating personalized responses to customer inquiries?
Can Albus be used to analyze market trends and customer data?
How is Albus added directly to Slack or MS Teams?
Who developed Albus?
What other products does Springworks offer?
Can Albus generate text for website pages or social media posts?
Can Albus generate reports and presentations?
How does Albus assist in creating new strategies and campaigns?
What are the annual subscription options for Albus?
What benefits are there if I choose an annual subscription?
What are the steps to use Albus?
How do users get billed for using Albus?
What kind of content can Albus create for marketers?
How can designers use Albus?
In what way can sales professionals benefit from Albus?


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