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Detects ChatGPT- generated content plagiarism.
Generated by ChatGPT

ContentDetector.AI is an AI tool designed to detect ChatGPT generated content and AI generated text. The tool is intended for use in identifying instances of plagiarism and promoting originality in content creation.

The tool utilizes sophisticated AI algorithms to identify patterns in text and compare them against a vast library of known ChatGPT generated content.

Users can submit the text they wish to analyze and, within a matter of seconds, ContentDetector.AI generates a probability score indicating the likelihood of the text having been generated by ChatGPT.

The probability score can range from 0 to 100%, with higher scores indicating a greater likelihood of plagiarism. This tool is particularly useful for individuals and organizations that rely heavily on automated content generation tools, which are often prone to producing unoriginal content.

By identifying instances of ChatGPT generated content, ContentDetector.AI helps to ensure the quality and originality of content across multiple applications and platforms.Overall, ContentDetector.AI is a powerful tool for anyone interested in detecting plagiarism and maintaining originality in their content creation.

Its advanced AI algorithms and user-friendly interface make it an essential resource for anyone seeking to create high-quality, unique content for professional or personal purposes.


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ContentDetector was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Detects ChatGPT generated content
Quick results within seconds
Generates probability score
Comparisons against vast library
Promotes originality in content
Identifies plagiarism
Useful for automated content tools
Ensures quality of content
User-friendly interface
Useful for professional purposes
Useful for personal purposes
Free to use
Handles large volumes of text


Limited to ChatGPT content detection
No real-time detection
No plagiarism prevention features
Cannot verify tool's library size
Limited utility outside content creation
No range for probability scores
Potential false positives
Depends on known plagiarism instances
No in-depth content analysis
No API for integrations


What is ContentDetector.AI?
What is the purpose of ContentDetector.AI?
How does ContentDetector.AI detect ChatGPT generated content?
What type of content can ContentDetector.AI analyze?
Is ContentDetector.AI only for detecting ChatGPT generated content?
Can ContentDetector.AI be used by individuals?
Can ContentDetector.AI be used by organizations?
What algorithms does ContentDetector.AI utilize?
How long does it take ContentDetector.AI to analyze a piece of text?
What does the probability score signify?
How accurate is ContentDetector.AI in detecting plagiarism?
Does a higher probability score indicate more likelihood of plagiarism?
What range does the probability score fall in?
Can I use ContentDetector.AI for multiple applications and platforms?
Is ContentDetector.AI user-friendly?
How does ContentDetector.AI contribute to maintaining originality in content?
Is ContentDetector.AI a paid tool?
Can ContentDetector.AI help in creating high-quality content?
What does ContentDetector.AI compare the text content against?
Can the ContentDetector.AI be used as a tool to avoid generating unoriginal content from automated tools?


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