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Evaluate & monitor generative models
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Gentrace is an AI tool designed to evaluate generative AI models using a combination of humans, AI, and heuristics. It focuses on assessing the quality, speed, and cost of production.

The tool allows teams to continuously evaluate the quality of AI models by leveraging AI and heuristics. It also automates the grading process, eliminating the need for manual evaluation using spreadsheets.

By using AI and heuristic evaluators, Gentrace can automatically detect regressions and hallucinations.In addition, Gentrace provides a production monitoring feature called Observe.

This feature allows users to monitor the speed and cost of AI models in real-time. Users can drill down to analyze specific inputs, outputs, and evaluator scores for different generations.

The tool provides a visual representation of pipeline runs, offering insights into the performance of AI models over time.Gentrace offers an easy-to-use SDK for Python, enabling users to integrate the tool into their existing workflows.

It also emphasizes enterprise-grade security with SOC 2 TYPE 1 controls in place and completed audits. The tool provides admin and user controls for organizing team members and managing access privileges.

Gentrace also mentions upcoming features, such as more fine-grained controls and a self-hosted option for data storage.Overall, Gentrace aims to provide a comprehensive solution for evaluating and monitoring generative AI models, enabling teams to optimize their models for quality, speed, and cost in production.


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Gentrace was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Evaluates generative models
Assesses quality, speed, cost
Automates grading process
Detects regressions and hallucinations
Offers production monitoring
Real-time speed and cost monitor
Analyzes specific inputs and outputs
Visual representation of pipeline runs
Easy-to-use Python SDK
Enterprise-grade security
Admin and user control
Team member organization tools
Access privilege management
Self-hosted data storage option
Continuous model evaluation
Insights into model performance
Integratable into existing workflows
Completed audits
Fine-grained control options
Ongoing team evaluation tool


Limited to Python SDK
Absence of real-time alerts
Self-hosted option pending
Fine-grained controls pending
Not open source
No qualitative content analysis
Poor integration with other languages
No mobile application
Delayed detection of regressions


What is the purpose of Gentrace?
How does Gentrace evaluate generative AI models?
What does Gentrace's Observe feature do?
What is a generative AI model and why does it need evaluation?
What is a hallucination in terms of AI and how does Gentrace detect it?
How can Gentrace assist in automating the grading process?
What is the functionality of Gentrace's SDK for Python?
What security measures does Gentrace have in place?
How does Gentrace help in organizing team members and managing access privileges?
Are there more controls coming soon to Gentrace and how will they benefit users?
What is the functionality of the self-hosted option that Gentrace plans to implement?
What insights can Gentrace's visual representation of pipeline runs provide?
Does Gentrace offer a trial and if so, how long does it last?
How does Gentrace allows for real-time monitoring of AI models?
What are the benefits of using Gentrace for an enterprise?
What is the cost of using Gentrace?
How to start using Gentrace?
What kind of analytics can Gentrace provide?
What does it mean to have SOC 2 TYPE 1 controls in place?
What external resources are available for users who need help with Gentrace?


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