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GPT Radar is an AI text detector application that serves as a tool for the detection and analysis of AI-generated content. Utilizing OpenAI's GPT-3, it conducts complex analysis on text, determining whether the content was written by a machine or human.

A minimum of 400 words is required for competent analysis. The application aims to help users with the compliance of guidelines particularly when AI-generated content may attract penalties from platforms like Google.

It also aids those who need to uphold certain disclosures or agreements in relation to AI-generated texts, such as content writers. Another cardinal function of the tool is in brand reputation management.

It helps users to regulate the use of large language model generated texts, mitigating the potential risk of being viewed as deceptive or unreliable due to the lack of proper disclosure.

The tool operates on a 'Pay As You Go' basis, where users are charged per content analysis conducted. GPT Radar is a product of NeuralText and the cumulative efforts of co-founders Alessio Nittoli and Antonio Cappiello.


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GPT Radar was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 23rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Minimum 400 words needed
Helps with guideline compliance
Avoids Google content penalties
Assists in disclosure adherence
Useful for brand reputation
Regulates model generated texts
Mitigates deceptive content risk
Pay per content analysis
NeuralText affiliated product
Protects against unreliability
Cofounders have tech background
Penalizes deceptive text
Ensures agreement compliance
Effective in content regulation
Affordable 'Pay As You Go' cost
Product of experienced founders


Requires minimum 400 words
Pay per content analysis
No real-time detection capability
No bulk analysis feature
No API for integration
No native mobile applications
Limited to text content
Not free to use
Potential misinterpretation risks
No multilanguage support


How does GPT Radar work?
What is the purpose of GPT Radar?
How reliable is GPT Radar in detecting AI-generated text?
Why do I need to insert a minimum of 400 words for analysis?
How does GPT Radar aid in compliance with guidelines related to AI-generated content?
Can GPT Radar really help to protect my brand's reputation?
Does GPT Radar detect deceptive text produced by AI?
How much does it cost to use GPT Radar?
What does 'Pay As You Go' mean in GPT Radar's pricing model?
How many words or tokens does 1 credit cover in GPT Radar?
Who are the people behind GPT Radar?
What is the role of OpenAI's GPT-3 in GPT Radar?
Is there any risk of penalties from platforms like Google for AI-generated content?
Can GPT Radar help content writers uphold disclosures or agreements?
How does GPT Radar regulate the use of large language model generated texts?
How does GPT Radar contribute to AI Ethics?
Can GPT Radar differentiate between content written by a computer and a person?
How does GPT Radar handle content regulation?
What is the connection between GPT Radar and NeuralText?
Is GPT Radar an independently functioning application or an integrated feature of another platform?

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