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AI Detector - Text Validator is a tool available on the App Store that allows users to validate text using artificial intelligence technology. The tool is designed to read reviews and validate them for accuracy, providing users with a more reliable assessment of a product or service.

The app can also be used to compare customer ratings and see screenshots before downloading an app on an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The tool is available to download for free, and its simple interface makes it easy to use.

AI Detector - Text Validator uses machine learning algorithms to identify problematic text, such as spam or fake reviews, and highlights potential issues for users to investigate.

By using AI technology, the tool is more efficient and accurate than manual text validation methods. Overall, AI Detector - Text Validator is a helpful tool for anyone looking to make more informed decisions when reading reviews or considering purchasing an app.

Its use of AI technology adds an extra layer of reliability to the review process, saving users time and effort in assessing the accuracy of reviews.


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AI Detector was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free download
Easy interface
Detects spam reviews
OCR document scanning
PDF import
Paragraph by paragraph analysis
PDF report export
50 free credits
Works on iPad, iPhone, Mac
Best positive detection (99.8%)
Low false positive rate
Does not collect user data
Available in English
In-app purchase options
Developer support available


Only available on iOS
Imports PDF only
No data export options
Limited free credits
No multilingual support
No customer support info
iPAD design priority
Requires latest iOS (16.0)


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What is the cost of AI Detector - Text Validator?
What kind of text can AI Detector - Text Validator validate?
How effective is AI Detector - Text Validator at detecting fake reviews?
What is the basis of AI Detector - Text Validator's accuracy?
How does AI Detector - Text Validator make decisions when validating text?
Can AI Detector - Text Validator help me identify spam?
What is the interface of AI Detector - Text Validator like?
How can AI Detector - Text Validator help with purchasing decisions?
Does AI Detector - Text Validator use machine learning algorithms?
How reliable is AI Detector - Text Validator when validating reviews?
What is the AI technology used in AI Detector - Text Validator?
Can one compare customer ratings using AI Detector - Text Validator?
Can I use AI Detector - Text Validator to validate reviews before downloading an app?
How does AI Detector - Text Validator add reliability to the review process?
What makes AI Detector - Text Validator more efficient than manual text validation methods?


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