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Discover the power of AI detection on Twitter.
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TweetDetective is an AI-powered tool that assists users in identifying AI-generated content on Twitter. This tool applies advanced algorithms in its operations to analyze tweets and reveal whether their content is AI-generated.

Users install a Chrome extension and, after inputting a confidential API key, can head over to Twitter where applicable tweets will display a probability percentage, indicating the likelihood that the content was generated by AI.

Although TweetDetective currently supports only English, plans are in place to expand this service to other languages. Furthermore, the tool currently functions only as a Chrome extension, but there are plans for expansion to other browsers in the future.

Users are not only offered a quick and accurate way to detect AI-generated content on Twitter, but are also ensured of the security of their personal data.

In addition to processing orders and providing customer support, no third-party sharing of personal data occurs. A key feature of TweetDetective is its claim of identifying over 97% of AI-generated text, maintaining a false positive rate of below 3%.


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TweetDetective was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 9th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Confidential API key input
Multilingual expansion plans
Future expansion to other browsers
Fast content detection
Personal data security guaranteed
Applies advanced algorithms
Maintains false positive rate below 3%
24/7 customer support
Constant updates
Unlimited usage
Real-time content analysis
Accuracy verifiable by users
Workable with longer and shorter texts
Integration with Twitter
Future language support expansion
Secure order processing
Refund available within 7 days


Only functions as Chrome extension
Supports only English
Requires confidential API key
Over 3% false positives
Limited functionality (Twitter only)
No multilanguage support


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What is the cost of TweetDetective?
Is TweetDetective available on browsers other than Chrome?
What algorithms does TweetDetective use to analyze tweets?
Does TweetDetective support languages other than English?
How does TweetDetective display the likelihood of AI-generated content?
Can I trust the results provided by TweetDetective for AI-generated content detection?
Will my personal data be shared with third-parties?
What does the probability percentage on TweetDetective mean?
Will TweetDetective work on my mobile phone's Chrome browser?
How can I get my confidential API key for TweetDetective?
What is contained in the monthly updates from TweetDetective?
How does TweetDetective handle short texts versus long texts?
Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with TweetDetective?
What are the future plans for TweetDetective?
How can I contact the TweetDetective customer support if I have issues or questions?


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