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Discover WriteHuman's AI Detector: distinguishing between AI-generated and human-written text.
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WriteHuman's AI Detector is an advanced AI content detection tool specifically designed to discern between AI-generated and human-written text. This tool executes by analyzing the provided text to spot characteristics typical of AI-generated content, such as specific language patterns, sentence structures, and stylistic elements.

The AI Detector leverages sophisticated machine learning algorithms that are trained on large datasets of both AI-generated and human-written content, enabling it to identify subtle differences in language patterns, syntax, and style.

This constant learning capability allows it to stay contemporary with evolving AI writing changes. Furthermore, the AI Detector features a built-in 'AI Humanizer', a prominent feature that processes AI-generated content and transforms it to bear a human-like text.

This functionality allows users to elude AI detection techniques and increases the resonance of their content with their intended readership. In essence, WriteHuman's AI Detector combines technological precision and user-centric design, making it an ideal tool for those looking to accurately identify AI-created content while upholding the intricacies of human intellect.


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WriteHuman: AI Detector was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 22nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Advanced content detection
Analyzes text characteristics
Recognizes sentence structures
Identifies stylistic elements
Trained on large datasets
Distinguishes language patterns
Identifies syntax variances
Improves content resonance
Technological precision and user-centric design
Built-in humanizer feature
Speed and accuracy in results
Free basic version available
Paid versions offer enhanced features
Priority customer support for paid users
Constant learning capability
Integrated 'Humanize' function
Issues 'human score' evaluation
Option to refine content
Ensures technological relevance
Elevates resonation with readers
Offers authenticity measure
Content improvement and enhancement
Process automation for ease
Implements subtle expression nuances
Increases text readability
User-friendly tool
Unlimited credits for premium users
Easy to interpret results
Advanced machine learning algorithms
Adjusts language flow


Not free
Paid for humanization feature
Limit on words/credit
Limited free requests
No mobile app mentioned
Potential bias in detection
Language style limitations
Constant updates needed
Interpretable score system required
Non-transparent algorithm


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How is WriteHuman's AI Detector trained?
Can WriteHuman's AI Detector adapt to evolving AI writing changes?
What makes WriteHuman's AI Detector user-centric?
How does WriteHuman's AI Detector keep up with technological precision?
Is WriteHuman's AI Detector suitable for all kinds of users?
Does the 'AI Humanizer' add human-like text to AI-generated content?
How does WriteHuman's AI Detector increase the resonance of user content?
Does WriteHuman's AI Detector offer any content improvement features?
Are the machine learning algorithms in WriteHuman's AI Detector sophisticated?
How does WriteHuman's AI Detector identify differences in language patterns?
Does WriteHuman's AI Detector offer pricing plans?
What is the 'Human score' in WriteHuman's AI Detector, and how is it evaluated?
Is WriteHuman's AI Detector only for text analysis or can it detect other AI-generated content?


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