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Originality.AI is a tool designed for SEO professionals, content marketers, and web publishers to check the originality of content and detect plagiarism.

It is built to cater to the needs of serious web publishers and not academia. The tool uses artificial intelligence algorithms to check the content for plagiarism and has the capability to detect if AI tools were used to create the content.

It guarantees accuracy in comparison to other competitors with an accuracy rate of 96% while the closest competitor has only 35%. With a pricing model of $0.01 per credit, one credit scans up to 100 words.

Originality.AI has various features, including a Chrome extension, API, Readability Checker, Text Compare, and a team management function, which allows you to control the plagiarism checking process of your team members.

The activity history feature of Originality.AI saves all scans and their results for future reference. The tool allows you to do a full site scan, and the results can be used to better understand the source of the content you receive and future-proof your website against content updates from Google AI.

Overall, Originality.AI is a highly accurate plagiarism detection tool with AI detection capability that is designed for serious web publishers who need to ensure that their content is original and free of AI-generated content.


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Jul 21, 2023
Gave it a quick try and it seems like a useful tool. I'm not 100% sure how accurate it is yet, will get a paid account to test more. An article I put in as a test that was written by AI but manipulated a few times and passed other AI detectors scored 99% AI in this app. Pretty huge difference! They way they quote pricing is misleading. They say 1 credit for 100 words BUT that is for AI detection OR plagiarism/readability. If you have both turned on, it is double that. Still a fairly reasonable price but not thrilled with how they quietly slip in a 100% price increase.

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Originality was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


High accuracy rate (96%)
Affordable pricing model
Chrome extension available
API integration
Offers Readability Checker
Has Text Compare feature
Team management function
Saving activity history
Ability to do full site scan
Specifically built for web publishers
Ideal for SEO and content marketers
Auto-billing feature
Team members' activity monitoring
Scheduled full site scan (feature coming soon)
Email and document check
Google Docs check
Content check within WordPress editor
Scans and auto-billing are unlimited
User-friendly API
Visualize Google Docs creation process with Chrome extension


Not designed for academia
Doesn't offer a free option
Full site scan not yet available
Expense associated with high accuracy
Lack of specialised pricing plans
Focused mainly on web publisher needs
Credits are consumed per words checked
Functionality tied to credits purchase


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