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Chat with your Databases
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Create GPT assistants and Custom GPTs from your databases.

1. Set up your Data Source (database)
2. Add some Data Views (SQL scripts)
3. Configure your GPT Assistant (from selected sources)
4. Chat with the built-in Assistant or create a custom GPT
5. Publish it on the ChatGPT store or share it privately to chat with your data!

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DataLang was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Data queries in plain language
No technical knowledge required
GPT-3 for natural answers
Three-step process
Encrypted connection credentials
API for data and questions
Simplified data insights
User-friendly interface
Flexible question capability
Integrates with other tools
Subscription for product updates
Securely handles user information
Easy setup for data source
Ability to name data sources
User-friendly login and signup
Blog for additional resources
Available demo


Requires data source configuration
Reliant on GPT-3 accuracy
No off-the-shelf query templates
No multilingual support mentioned
Questioning flexibility not defined
No indexing for quick search
Doesn't support real-time interrogation
Lacks user-defined reporting output
Doesn't mention non-relational databases
No visualization tools included


What is Datalang?
How does Datalang work?
What kind of questions can I ask Datalang?
Do I need any technical knowledge to use Datalang?
How does Datalang secure my data?
Can I integrate Datalang with other tools?
Which AI technology is being used by Datalang?
How does Datalang generate answers?
How do I set up my data source on Datalang?
How does Datalang make data insights more accessible?
What steps do I need to follow to get data insights from Datalang?
How user-friendly is Datalang?
Can I manage my data sources and questions through Datalang's API?
How does GPT-3 fit into the functionality of Datalang?
Is data privacy ensured in Datalang?
How does Datalang translate my questions into database queries?
What do I need to know to config my data source connection on Datalang?
Is Datalang compatible with my database?
Who can benefit from using Datalang?
Do I have to understand SQL to use Datalang?

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