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Improved chat and copywriting productivity and support.
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Monica is an AI-powered chat assistant that provides users with a wide range of services, from chat support to copywriting assistance. The tool is powered by the ChatGPT API, which allows users to chat with Monica about anything, anywhere.

With over 80 templates available, Monica can help users effortlessly create copywriting that can be inserted into any web page. Additionally, users can select text on any web page and let Monica explain, translate, and rephrase it for them.Monica is available as a Chrome extension that is always-on and always-helpful.

With this extension, users can chat with Monica, get copywriting assistance, and have text explained, translated, or rephrased while browsing any website.

Monica is designed to help users increase their productivity potential, simplify their copywriting process, and save time by using ChatGPT-powered AI assistance.

The tool offers a free trial with the option to upgrade to a paid plan. Additionally, users can visit the FAQ section on the website to get more information about Monica, how it works, and how to use it.

Overall, Monica is a useful tool for those looking for AI-powered chat support and copywriting assistance.


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Jul 26, 2023
GBWhatsApp is a famous changed variation of WhatsApp with a few additional Version which can show improvement over the essential rendition of the WhatsApp application.
Jun 1, 2023
It's great! Really helpful stuff – decreased my time searching and processing any information more 3 times, I think. You can save custom queries and save them as functional buttons, it's OP.

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Pros and Cons


Chat support
Copywriting assistance
80 templates availability
Text explanation
Translation services
Text rephrasing
Chrome extension
Increase productivity
Simplifies copywriting process
Free trial
FAQ section
Paid plan option
Available on all websites
Compose and insert text anywhere
Useful for copywriting assistance
Web page text selection
Insert text into webpages


Chrome extension only
Limited templates
Limited translation capabilities
Requires continuous internet access
Doesn't support all languages
May not understand complex queries
Potential privacy concerns
No mobile app available
Depends on ChatGPT API


What is Monica?
What is the ChatGPT API that powers Monica?
How does Monica assist with copywriting?
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Can Monica translate languages?
Can Monica create text for any webpage?
How many templates does Monica offer for copywriting?
What are the main benefits of using Monica?
Is Monica always available?
Is there a free trial version of Monica?
How much does Monica cost after the free trial?
Can Monica work on any website?
How can Monica increase my productivity?
What does the chat function of Monica do?
Is Monica available on other browsers aside from Chrome?
Does Monica only help with professional tasks or can it chat about other topics?
How can I get Monica's Chrome extension?
Can Monica help me rephrase statements or paragraphs?
Where can I learn more about how to use Monica?
Does Monica have a mobile version?

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