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Create your own personal AI assistant to help you with your work.
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ownAI empowers users to create their own artificial intelligence (AI) assistants. The platform is incredibly flexible, supporting a range of use cases, from personal tasks assistance, professional team support, to marketing content creation.

Without requiring programming skills, users can instruct and educate their AI according to their needs. ownAI is an open-source platform, utilizing top-tier open-source AI models, a feature that promotes independence from large AI companies.

Users have the opportunity to download their AI creations and run them independently. In particular, ownAI focuses on privacy, offering options for a team internal chatbot under the company's domain, ensuring the privacy-focused use of the tool.

Additionally, a distinctive capability of ownAI is its ability to process and comprehend extensive knowledge bases. This allows users to query large amounts of articles and information.

Users can also create AI services under their name to offer to others. With a robust commitment to user privacy and data protection, ownAI aligns with best practices and legal mandates, ensuring a safe, privacy-conscious environment for creating personal AI assistants.


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Apr 2, 2024
I can't sign up, it says the sign in link has already been used or is expired.. but it was used in <1 minute. Help?
Apr 2, 2024
Many thanks for writing! Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing difficulties when using Outlook as an email app. We are still looking for a solution to the problem. Can you try accessing your emails in a different way or using a different email address? Sorry for the inconvenience.
Apr 3, 2024
I could only try from a different email with the same result.. I'll check back in a few days though, tyyy

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Pros and Cons


Supports diverse use cases
No coding required
Allows user education
Open-source platform
Privacy-focused tool
Team internal chatbot options
Processes extensive knowledge bases
Queries large data amounts
Robust data protection
Adheres to best practices
Adheres to legal mandates
Offers marketing content creation
Can store thousands of articles
Privacy-focused alternative chatbot


May require extensive training
Queries can be slow
Overreliance on user instruction
Limited use-case templates
Requires high-quality knowledge bases
Dependency on open-source models
No stated multi-language support
Platform flexibility could confuse users

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