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Privacy and control personal assistant.
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Serge is a self-hosted personal assistant tool that provides a secure and private environment for users. With no remote API, data collection, or ads, Serge ensures a high level of privacy and data security.

The tool can be easily set up using a single command, through the Docker run command provided. It requires the user to provide certain volumes and ports to run the tool effectively.

Once set up, users can interact with Serge by navigating to http://localhost:8008. The tool enables communication with users through this interface, allowing them to engage in conversation or seek assistance.

Serge also encourages community participation by offering channels to join on GitHub and Discord platforms. Users can find information, contribute to the tool, or seek support in these channels.

As a self-hosted personal assistant, Serge aims to provide an alternative to other personal assistant tools available in the market. By giving users complete control over their data and ensuring a private environment, Serge offers a unique value proposition.

As a listing in an AI directory, Serge stands out as a tool that focuses on privacy and self-hosting capabilities, which may be particularly appealing to users who prioritize data security.

Serge was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 6th 2023.
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