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Various subject/task conversations.
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Coral is a conversational AI tool developed by Cohere, powered by the latest version of their Command model. The tool is built to have complex dialogues on all subjects, assist users with various tasks, and engage in open and engaging conversations that enable users to learn new subjects.

Coral can be used to create lists, summarize documents, build itineraries, find new strategies, give step-by-step instructions, and more. It is designed to be helpful and delightful through games, hot-takes, and learning new concepts.

Cohere uses cookies to enhance user browsing experience and serve personalized content. However, they clarify that the necessary cookies are stored on users' browsers because they are essential for enabling the basic functionalities of the site, such as secure login or customizing consent preferences.

Cohere does not store any personal identifiable data. The tool is still on the waitlist, and Cohere plans to release a simple and powerful API that allows developers to integrate Coral into their products, but they have not yet disclosed the exact date of the API release.

Coral was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Engages in complex dialogues
Learns new subjects
Assists with various tasks
Helpful and delightful
Creates lists
Summarizes documents
Builds itineraries
Generates new strategies
Step-by-step instructions
Functional without personal data
Future API integration planned
Active learning approach
Customizes conversations
Conversations on all subjects
Can generate summaries
Can assist in drafting emails
Provides actionable information and instructions
Can suggest ideas (e.g., movie recommendations)
Interactive game options
Can assist with learning new concepts
Supports English language only


Still on waitlist
API not released
Supports only English
Limited functionality disclosed
Unclear pricing structure
Dependent on single model
Limited platform integration


What is Coral by Cohere?
What tasks can Coral assist users with?
Can Coral be used to create lists and summarize documents?
Does Coral offer any gaming or learning activities?
How does Cohere use cookies in Coral?
Does Coral store any personally identifiable data?
What is the waitlist for Coral?
Is there an API for Coral?
What functionalities will the API for Coral provide?
When is the API for Coral being released?
Can Coral be integrated into my product?
Can Coral help in drafting emails?
How does Coral assist in understanding new subjects?
Can Coral provide step-by-step instructions for tasks?
What languages does Coral support?
Can Coral help with writing content from bullet points?
Can Coral summarize long articles?
Does Coral offer tools for problem-solving?
Can Coral recommend movies based on user preferences?
How to join the waitlist for Coral's upcoming API?

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