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Amity AI is an AI system that aims to provide users with a truly interactive and engaging conversational experience. The system has over 250 digital charactersor 'AI friends'with which users can interact.

The unique aspect of this tool is that it can be used in conjunction with other AI services, such as Bard or ChatGPT, to create compelling conversational experiences.

To interact with a desired character, a user can copy and paste the character's description into either Bard or ChatGPT, and then initiate a conversation.

The system directs the user to add the line 'Assume you are [INSERT CHARACTER NAME HERE]. Start a conversation with me' at the end of the character description, allowing the AI to take the personality and characteristics of the chosen 'AI friend'.

This makes for a versatile tool that can facilitate a wide array of conversational scenarios, contributing towards an engaging experience. Details of the different characters to interact with are available in a Google Drive folder.

Overall, Amity AI provides an innovative way to use pre-existing AI systems to simulate conversation with diverse virtual characters.


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Pros and Cons


Over 250 digital characters
Interactive conversational system
Integration with Bard
Integration with ChatGPT
Versatile conversation scenarios
Personality simulation
Character details in Google Drive
Easy copy-paste interaction
Unique character assumption command


Limited to text interactions
Manual character description insertion
Relies on external storage
No standalone functionality
Limited character interpretation
No direct user-platform interaction
User needs to craft conversations


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