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Stream Deck plugin: Q&A and text processing.
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DeckAssistant is a Stream Deck plugin that integrates with an AI assistant, allowing users to interact with it through their Stream Deck. Users can select any text in any application, press a button, and let the AI process the text.

It also offers a freeform prompt feature that allows users to ask the AI a question directly. The AI assistant is ChatGPT, enhanced with features such as folder organization, custom prompts, message editing, history search, and data export.

DeckAssistant is available for macOS 11+ Intel and Apple Silicon. To get started with DeckAssistant, users must create an account and copy the API token from their dashboard.

They must also install the Stream Deck plugin and add a button, where they can paste the API token to see the AI in action. Users can configure prompt buttons by giving them a title, changing their icon, and typing in their prompt or selecting one from the available examples.

Users can also subscribe for updates through the website or follow Martijn Smit, the creator of DeckAssistant, on Twitter. Overall, DeckAssistant provides a simple and convenient way for Stream Deck users to access an AI assistant and perform tasks such as processing text and asking questions.

With its enhanced features, users can more efficiently organize and interact with the AI assistant through their Stream Deck.


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Pros and Cons


Stream Deck integration
Freeform prompt feature
Works with ChatGPT
Folder organization feature
Custom prompts
Message editing
History Search
Data export functionality
macOS 11+ Intel compatibility
macOS 11+ Apple Silicon compatibility
API token authentication
Configurable prompt buttons
Prompt title customization
Prompt icon customization
Selection of example prompts
Accessible customer support
Available updates subscription
Text processing in any application
Creator active on Twitter


Limited to macOS 11+
Requires additional Stream Deck plugin
Needs account creation
API token required
Prompt configuration necessary
Lacks broader application compatibility
No inline chat function
Requires manual data input


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How do I configure prompt buttons in DeckAssistant?
How can I subscribe for updates about DeckAssistant?
What are some examples of the prompts in DeckAssistant?
How does DeckAssistant help in text processing?
Does DeckAssistant have a data export feature?
Is there a message editing option in DeckAssistant?
Can I organize chats in folders using DeckAssistant?
How to install the DeckAssistant plugin?
How do I use the history search feature in DeckAssistant?
Can I follow Martijn Smit, the creator of DeckAssistant, on Twitter?
What is the functionality of the API token in DeckAssistant?

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