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Q&A chatbot for queries and advice.
Generated by ChatGPT is a messenger tool that allows users to interact with an AI language model called ChatGPT. The tool enables users to ask questions and receive answers directly from ChatGPT without any registration or charges.

The interface supports the German language. The primary focus of is to provide users with access to an AI-powered chatbot capable of answering a wide range of queries.

The tool aims to connect users with AI GPT and allows them to ask questions to seek advice, obtain information, get entertainment recommendations, find recipes, or explore do-it-yourself projects.

In addition to the chat functionality, the tool also offers other AI-related features. For instance, users can access PicassoMe, an AI-based image generation tool that allows users to create stunning images quickly.

This feature targets both professional graphic designers and individuals who want to enhance their social media profiles.Furthermore, offers the opportunity to chat with AI characters and famous personalities via the Yourfriends feature.

Users can select AI idols such as Monte, Greta, Jesus, or others and engage in conversations to gain inspiration, learn, and receive personalized advice.It is important to note that emphasizes disclaimers, stating that it is not associated with Chat GPT, Telegram, or WhatsApp.

The tool takes no liability for any damages that might arise from the chats, particularly regarding health, finances, or politics.

Yourchat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free of charge
No registration required
Supports German language
Broad range of queries
Offers advice
Gives entertainment recommendations
Helps find recipes
Do-it-yourself project suggestions
PicassoMe for image generation
Targets professional graphic designers
Enhances social media profiles
Yourfriends feature for chat
Personalized advice
Emphasizes on disclaimers
Not associated with any platform
Ideal for query resolution
Supports several languages
Direct access to GPT
DIY project directions
Professional image generation
Engagement and learning conversations
Chat function within messenger
Accurate and detailed results
WhatsApp and Telegram integration
Accessible on multiple platforms
Seamless interaction with GPT
Detailed press-kit available
Clear privacy policies
No liability on advice
Direct link to messenger
Ease of adding contacts
Self-help advice and tips
Can run on WhatsApp
Modern and user-friendly interface
Transparent terms of use
Offers chat with famous personalities
Option to create images
Provides inspiration and learning


No liability for wrong advice
Limited to a fewlanguages
No explicit data protection measures
Dependent on WhatsApp, Telegram
No integration with other platforms
Limited image generation options
Emphasizes disclaimers
No financial advice available
No health advice available


What is
What languages does support?
How does's chatbot function work?
Do I need to register to use
Can I use for free?
Can I seek advice or ask questions on various topics using
What is the PicassoMe feature in
Is suitable for professional graphic designers?
What is the Yourfriends feature of
Can I interact with AI characters on If yes, who are these characters?
Is affiliated with ChatGPT, Telegram, or WhatsApp?
What liability does have for damages arising from using the chat tool?
How can I add a contact on
Can I get daily sayings from AI characters on
Where can I find on social media platforms?
What does the yourchat Messenger offer?
Can I chat with famous personalities via
What measures does take to ensure accuracy and detail in its AI-based image generation?
Can I chat with Einstein on to learn physics?
What are the other AI-related features of

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