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Personalize a GPT large language model chatbot with your own content.
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Chat With RTX is a tool provided by NVIDIA. It is essentially a demo app designed to allow users to personalize a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) large language model chatbot.

Essentially, a user can configure this chatbot to connect to their own content, which can range from documents, notes, and videos, to other forms of data.

Therefore, it offers a customizable AI solution for those who need a chatbot that can process and interact based on a wide range of content. The tool exploits the power of the NVIDIA RTX technology, hence the name 'Chat With RTX'.

As a custom AI model, it allows for versatile applications across various domains, especially where personalised interaction with user-specific data is required.


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Pros and Cons


Connects to user content
Processes wide content range
Exploits NVIDIA RTX technology
Versatile applications
Enables personalized interactions
Document processing capabilities
User-specific data interaction
Adaptable to various domains


NVIDIA dependent
Limited to RTX technology
Potentially limited personalization
Requires user content configuration
Could lack detailed customization
Web-specific tool
Requires considerable computational power

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